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Ng, Edwin - Buddhism and Cultural Studies, ebook

Buddhism and Cultural Studies

Ng, Edwin


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Edwin Ng
2. Towards a Spiritually Engaged Cultural Studies
Edwin Ng
3. Methods, Traditions, Liminal Identities
Edwin Ng
4. Of Intellectual Hospitality, Buddhism and Deconstruction
Edwin Ng
5. The ‘Religious Question’ in Foucault’s Genealogies of Experience

McLennan, Gregor - Sociological Cultural Studies, ebook

Sociological Cultural Studies

McLennan, Gregor


Table of contents
1. Postpositivism and the Idea of Sociology
Gregor McLennan
2. Cultural Studies//Sociology
Gregor McLennan
3. Explanation, Articulation, Imagination
Gregor McLennan
4. Eurocentrism: The ‘Rise of the West’ Revisited
Gregor McLennan
5. Eurocentrism: Postcolonial Theory

Rodman, Gilbert B. - Why Cultural Studies?, ebook

Why Cultural Studies?

Rodman, Gilbert B.


Why Cultural Studies? is a rallying call for a reinvigoration of the project of cultural studies that provides a critical analysis of its meteoric rise to the academic fore and

Bérubé, Michael - The Aesthetics of Cultural Studies, ebook

The Aesthetics of Cultural Studies

Bérubé, Michael


The subject of the aesthetic has returned to cultural and literary debates with a vengeance. The Aesthetics of Cultural Studies is a timely and authoritative collection of essays that analyze the role of aesthetics

Miller, Toby - A Companion to Cultural Studies, ebook

A Companion to Cultural Studies

Miller, Toby


Experts from five continents provide a thorough exploration of cultural studies, looking at different ideas, places and problems addressed by the field.
Brings together the latest work in cultural studies

He, Lei - Cultural Studies in Modern China, ebook

Cultural Studies in Modern China

He, Lei


Table of contents
1. Context of Cultural Studies
Dongfeng Tao, Lei He, Yugao He
2. Topics and Paradigms of Cultural Studies
Dongfeng Tao, Lei He, Yugao He
3. Analysis of the System
Dongfeng Tao, Lei He, Yugao He

Owen, Sue - Richard Hoggart and Cultural Studies, ebook

Richard Hoggart and Cultural Studies

Owen, Sue


Richard Hoggart: Literary Criticism and Cultural Decline in Twentieth-Century Britain
Stefan Collini
4. Richard Hoggart, Cultural Studies and the Demands of the Present

Tippins, Deborah J. - Cultural Studies and Environmentalism, ebook

Cultural Studies and Environmentalism

Tippins, Deborah J.


A Case Study of David, a Native Hawaiian Science Teacher: Cultural Historical Activity Theory and Implications for Teacher Education
Pauline W. U. Chinn, David D. Maika‘i Hana‘ike
19. Deconstructing Chinn and Hana’ike: Pedagogy Through an Indigenous Lens

Gregg, Melissa - Cultural Studies’ Affective Voices, ebook

Cultural Studies’ Affective Voices

Gregg, Melissa


Communicating Investment: Cultural Studies, Politics and Affect
Melissa Gregg
2. Activating Empathy: Richard Hoggart, Ordinariness and the Persistence of ‘Them’ and ‘Us’
Melissa Gregg
3. The Politics of

Lewis, Justin - Critical Cultural Policy Studies: A Reader, ebook

Critical Cultural Policy Studies: A Reader

Lewis, Justin


Critical Cultural Policy Studies: A Reader brings together classic statements and contemporary views that illustrate how everyday culture is as much a product of policy and economic determinants as it is of creative and consumer impulses.