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Silverman, Helaine - Contested Cultural Heritage, ebook

Contested Cultural Heritage

Silverman, Helaine


Contested Cultural Heritage: A Selective Historiography
Helaine Silverman
2. The Stratigraphy of Forgetting: The Great Mosque of Cordoba and Its Contested Legacy
D. Fairchild Ruggles
3. Aestheticized Geographies

Mazzeo, Rocco - Analytical Chemistry for Cultural Heritage, ebook

Analytical Chemistry for Cultural Heritage

Mazzeo, Rocco


Emerging Approaches in Synchrotron Studies of Materials from Cultural and Natural History Collections
Loïc Bertrand, Sylvain Bernard, Federica Marone, Mathieu Thoury, Ina Reiche, Aurélien Gourrier, Philippe Sciau, Uwe Bergmann
2. Non-invasive Investigations

Meskell, Lynn - Global Heritage: A Reader, ebook

Global Heritage: A Reader

Meskell, Lynn


Global Heritage: A Reader examines the practice and politics of global heritage preservation and its resulting social implications. Chapters are organized to include a review of relevant, recent literature as well as providing detailed descriptions of