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Scollon, Ron - Intercultural Communication: A Discourse Approach, ebook

Intercultural Communication: A Discourse Approach

Scollon, Ron


This newly revised edition is both a lively introduction and practical guide to the main concepts and challenges of intercultural communication. Grounded in interactional sociolinguistics and discourse analysis, this work integrates theoretical principles and methodological advice, presenting

Hepp, Andreas - Transcultural Communication, ebook

Transcultural Communication

Hepp, Andreas


In Transcultural Communication, Andreas Hepp provides an accessible and engaging introduction to the exciting possibilities and inevitable challenges presented by the proliferation of transcultural communication in our mediatized world.

Ferri, Giuliana - Intercultural Communication, ebook

Intercultural Communication

Ferri, Giuliana


Intercultural Communication-Current Challenges and Future Directions
Giuliana Ferri
2. A Critical Framework for Intercultural Communication
Giuliana Ferri
3. The Ethics of Interculturalism
Giuliana Ferri
4. Dwelling or Sojourning? Modalities

Baiocchi-Wagner, Elizabeth A. - The Dark Side of Family Communication, ebook

The Dark Side of Family Communication

Baiocchi-Wagner, Elizabeth A.


In addition to offering a working definition of the concept of the "dark side" in the family context, the authors propose the Darkness Model of Family Communication that integrates relevant literature in new and significant ways. Researchers, teachers and advanced

Schiavo, Renata - Health Communication: From Theory to Practice, ebook

Health Communication: From Theory to Practice

Schiavo, Renata

From 84,70€

Now in its second edition, Health Communication: From Theory to Practice provides a comprehensive introduction to theory, intervention design, current issues, and special topics in health communication. The book also represents a hands-on guide to program

Malikhao, Patchanee - Culture and Communication in Thailand, ebook

Culture and Communication in Thailand

Malikhao, Patchanee


A Village in the Jungle: Culture and Communication in Thailand
Patchanee Malikhao, Jan Servaes
5. Tourism, Digital Social Communication and Development Discourse: A Case Study on Chinese Tourists in Thailand