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Lebraty, Jean-Fabrice - Crowdsourcing: One Step Beyond, ebook

Crowdsourcing: One Step Beyond

Lebraty, Jean-Fabrice


Crowdsourcing is a relatively recent phenomenon that only appeared in 2006, but it continues to grow and diversify (crowdfunding, crowdcontrol, etc.). This book aims to review this concept and show how it leads to the creation of value and new business opportunities.
Chapter 1 is based

Andro, Mathieu - Digital Libraries and Crowdsourcing, ebook

Digital Libraries and Crowdsourcing

Andro, Mathieu


Instead of outsourcing tasks to providers using labor-intensive countries, libraries around the world increasingly appeal to the crowds of Internet users, making their relationship with users more collaborative . These internet users can be volunteers…

Schall, Daniel - Service-Oriented Crowdsourcing, ebook

Service-Oriented Crowdsourcing

Schall, Daniel


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Daniel Schall
2. Crowdsourcing Task Marketplaces
Daniel Schall
3. Human-Provided Services
Daniel Schall
4. Crowdsourcing Tasks in BPEL4People
Daniel Schall
5. Conclusion
Daniel Schall

Grier, David Alan - Crowdsourcing For Dummies, ebook

Crowdsourcing For Dummies

Grier, David Alan


There are lots of ways business can use crowdsourcing to their advantage: be it crowdsourcing product ideas and development, design tasks, market research, testing, capturing or analyzing data, and even raising funds. It offers

Bar, Amin Ranj - Confidentiality and Integrity in Crowdsourcing Systems, ebook

Confidentiality and Integrity in Crowdsourcing Systems

Bar, Amin Ranj


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Amin Ranj Bar, Muthucumaru Maheswaran
2. Crowdsourcing Information Systems
Amin Ranj Bar, Muthucumaru Maheswaran
3. Online Identities
Amin Ranj Bar, Muthucumaru Maheswaran
4. Confidentiality Control
Amin Ranj Bar, Muthucumaru Maheswaran
5. Integrity Management

Borchardt, Hans-Jürgen - Dezentrales Marketing und Crowdsourcing, ebook

Dezentrales Marketing und Crowdsourcing

Borchardt, Hans-Jürgen


Dazu geh?ren kurze Reaktionszeiten, kompetentes Nutzen von Social Networks, ?bernahme von direkter Verantwortung durch diejenigen, die Marketingma?nahmen praktizieren, kurze Entscheidungswege, Open Innovation und Crowdsourcing oder erweiterte Serviceorientierung.