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Amatrudo, Anthony - Social Censure and Critical Criminology, ebook

Social Censure and Critical Criminology

Amatrudo, Anthony


Table of contents
1. Thinking Through Critical Criminology
Paul Roberts
2. Censure: Moral and Sociological
Lindsay Farmer
3. Restoring the Crime-Poverty-Class Inequality Link
Colin Webster
4. Two Accounts of Censure
Anthony Amatrudo
5. Anti-racist Criminology?
Rod Earle
6. The Social

Matthews, Roger - Realist Criminology, ebook

Realist Criminology

Matthews, Roger


From Cultural Criminology to Cultural Realism
Roger Matthews
6. The Myth of Punitiveness Revisited
Roger Matthews
7. Governing the Present
Roger Matthews

Walters, Reece - Emerging Issues in Green Criminology, ebook

Emerging Issues in Green Criminology

Walters, Reece


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Tanya Wyatt, Diane Solomon Westerhuis, Reece Walters
Part I. Concepts, Perspectives, and Dimensions
2. The Conceptual Contours of Green Criminology
Rob White
3. Environmental Victimisation and Conflict…

Haynes, Amanda - Critical Perspectives on Hate Crime, ebook

Critical Perspectives on Hate Crime

Haynes, Amanda


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Mapping the Field of Hate Studies on the Island of Ireland
Seamus Taylor, Amanda Haynes, Jennifer Schweppe
Part I. Contextualising the Significance of the Irish Case
2. The Disappearing of Hate Crime in…

Owen, Tim - Crime, Genes, Neuroscience and Cyberspace, ebook

Crime, Genes, Neuroscience and Cyberspace

Owen, Tim


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Tim Owen
2. Criminological and Social Theory: Surveying the Contemporary Landscape
Tim Owen
3. Neuroscience and Cybercrime
Tim Owen
4. Do We Need a ‘Virtual Criminology’?
Tim Owen
5. Cyber Violence
Tim Owen
6. Codification and Application of the

Priestley, Philip - Probation and Politics, ebook

Probation and Politics

Priestley, Philip


Table of contents
1. Prospect: Probation Past, Present and Future
Maurice Vanstone, Philip Priestley
2. Women and Probation – Reflecting Back and Looking Ahead
Jill Annison
3. Where Did It All Go Wrong? Probation Under New Labour…

Reiter, Uli - Illegalität, ebook


Reiter, Uli


Table of contents
1. Begriffliche Vorarbeiten
Uli Reiter
2. Verbotene Realität
Uli Reiter
3. Evolution des Verbotenen – Teil I: vom Tabubruch zum Verbrechen
Uli Reiter
4. Evolution des Verbotenen – Teil II: Kriminalität