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Fatemi, Sayyed Mohsen - Critical Mindfulness, ebook

Critical Mindfulness

Fatemi, Sayyed Mohsen


Table of contents
1. Critical Mindfulness of Psychology’s Mindlessness
Sayyed Mohsen Fatemi
2. The Construct of Mindfulness Amidst and Along Conceptions of Rationality
Mihnea Moldoveanu
3. On the Way to Mindfulness: How a Focus on Outcomes (Even Good Outcomes) Prevents Good Outcomes
Maja Djikic

Walsh, Philip - Skepticism, Modernity and Critical Theory, ebook

Skepticism, Modernity and Critical Theory

Walsh, Philip


Table of contents
1. Introduction
1. Introduction
Philip Walsh
Part I. Skepticism and Modern Philosophy
2. Idealism, Metacritique and Ancient Skepticism
Philip Walsh
3. On the Origins of Modern Skepticism: Descartes, Doubt and Certainty
Philip Walsh
Part II. Skepticism and Idealism
4. The

Varelas, Panayiotis - Seizures in Critical Care, ebook

Seizures in Critical Care

Varelas, Panayiotis


Presentation and Pathophysiology of Seizures in the Critical Care Environment: An Overview
Marek A. Mirski
2. Diagnosing and Monitoring Seizures in the ICU: The Role of Continuous EEG for Detection and Management of Seizures in Critically Ill Patients

Hall, Jesse B - Handbook of Critical Care, ebook

Handbook of Critical Care

Hall, Jesse B


Table of contents
1. An approach to critical care
Imre Noth
2. Analgesia and sedation in the intensive care unit
John Kress
3. The cardiovascular system
Brian Gehlbach
4. The respiratory system
John Kress
5. Acute renal failure
Imre Noth
6. Neurologic emergencies
Brian Gehlbach

Jevon, Philip - Monitoring the Critically Ill Patient, ebook

Monitoring the Critically Ill Patient

Jevon, Philip


Monitoring the Critically Ill Patient is an essential, accessible guide to caring for critically ill patients on the general ward. Now fully updated and improved throughout, this well established and handy referenced text assumes no prior knowledge and