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Elliott, Delbert - The Prevention of Crime, ebook

The Prevention of Crime

Elliott, Delbert


The Prevention of Crime provides a unique and comprehensive overview of effective crime prevention programs, strategies and policies, demonstrating how criminological theories,

Armitage, Rachel - Crime Prevention through Housing Design, ebook

Crime Prevention through Housing Design

Armitage, Rachel


Reducing Residential Crime through Design — Theory, Policy and Practice
2. Exploring the Theoretical Links between Design and Crime
Rachel Armitage
3. From Theory to Practice: Reducing Residential Crime through Design

Rocque, Michael - Desistance from Crime, ebook

Desistance from Crime

Rocque, Michael


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Michael Rocque
2. Desistance in Perspective: Historical Work and the Identification of a Field of Study
Michael Rocque
3. Desistance under the Microscope: The Definition and Measurement of Desistance…

Bhardwa, Bina - Organised Crime Groups involved in Fraud, ebook

Organised Crime Groups involved in Fraud

Bhardwa, Bina


The Nature and Structure of Organised Crime Groups Involved in Fraud
Tiggey May, Bina Bhardwa
5. Cops and Twenty-First-Century Robbers
Tiggey May, Bina Bhardwa
6. Concluding Thoughts
Tiggey May, Bina Bhardwa

Gottschalk, Petter - White-Collar Crime in the Shadow Economy, ebook

White-Collar Crime in the Shadow Economy

Gottschalk, Petter


Table of contents
1. White-Collar Crime Research
Petter Gottschalk, Lars Gunnesdal
2. Theory of Crime Convenience
Petter Gottschalk, Lars Gunnesdal
3. Tip of the Crime Iceberg
Petter Gottschalk, Lars Gunnesdal
4. Expert Elicitation for Estimation
Petter Gottschalk, Lars Gunnesdal
5. Research

Comolli, Virginia - Organized Crime and Illicit Trade, ebook

Organized Crime and Illicit Trade

Comolli, Virginia


Organized Crime as a Threat to Sustainable Development: Understanding the Evidence
Tuesday Reitano
3. IT and Cyber Capabilities as a Force Multiplier for Transnational Crime
Camino Kavanagh
4. Measuring Illicit Trade and Its Wider Impact
Karl Lallerstedt

Rorie, Melissa L. - The Handbook of White-Collar Crime, ebook

The Handbook of White-Collar Crime

Rorie, Melissa L.


A comprehensive and state-of the-art overview from internationally-recognized experts on white-collar crime covering a broad range of topics from many perspectives
Law enforcement professionals and criminal justice scholars have debated the most appropriate definition of “white-collar