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Hamand, Maggie - Creative Writing Exercises For Dummies, ebook

Creative Writing Exercises For Dummies

Hamand, Maggie


Turn your inspiration into a story with clear, expert guidance
Creative Writing Exercises For Dummies is a step-by-step creative writing course designed to hone your craft, regardless of ability. Written by the founder of the Complete Creative

Jones, Sally - Creative Story Writing, ebook

Creative Story Writing

Jones, Sally


Creative Writing is the essential guide for all students wanting to develop their literacy skills and improve their grades in English assignments and examinations. It is the first in the Teach Your Child to Write Good English series. Creative

Harper, Graeme - The Future for Creative Writing, ebook

The Future for Creative Writing

Harper, Graeme


This is a compelling look at the current state and future direction of creative writing by a preeminent scholar in the field.Explores the practice of creative writing, its place

Edberg, Hélène - Creative Writing for Critical Thinking, ebook

Creative Writing for Critical Thinking

Edberg, Hélène


A Follow-Up Study: Creative Writing for Critical Metareflection in a Different Context
Hélène Edberg
9. Concluding Discussion About Discoursal Identity and Learning Critical Thinking Through Creative Writing

Tomlinson, Barbara - Authors on Writing, ebook

Authors on Writing

Tomlinson, Barbara


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Barbara Tomlinson
Part I. Metaphor and Cultures of Composing
2. Composing and Metaphoricity
Barbara Tomlinson
3. Multiple Truths and Metaphorical Models
Barbara Tomlinson
4. Metaphorics of Embodied Labor
Barbara Tomlinson
5. Metaphorics of Discursive Sociality

Kaufmann, David - Reading Uncreative Writing, ebook

Reading Uncreative Writing

Kaufmann, David


“Isn’t It Just Bullshit?”: From Uncreative Writing to Warhol and Back
David Kaufmann
4. Writing While White: Uncreative Writing, Racism and Disavowal
David Kaufmann
5. For Expression: Uncreative Writing,

Quynn, Kristina - Reading and Writing Experimental Texts, ebook

Reading and Writing Experimental Texts

Quynn, Kristina


Reading and Writing in Kristjana Gunnars’s Rose Garden
Kristina Quynn
8. The Water Will Hold You: On Lidia Yuknavitch’s The Chronology of Water
Stephanie Glazier
9. Writing a Sacred Self: Kathy Acker and Wonder
Amy Nolan
10. Impulses

Kelly, Philippa - Storytelling: Critical and Creative Approaches, ebook

Storytelling: Critical and Creative Approaches

Kelly, Philippa


Table of contents
1. Introduction Story Streams: Stories and their Tellers
Jan Shaw
Part I. Indigenous Stories
2. The State of the Nation’s Narratives
Witi Ihimaera
3. Testimonial Textures: Examining the Poetics of Non-Indigenous Stories about Reconciliation
Tom Clark, Ravi Costa
4. Indigenous