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Parnell, Gregory S. - Handbook of Decision Analysis, ebook

Handbook of Decision Analysis

Parnell, Gregory S.


This handbook describes the philosophy, knowledge, science, and art of decision analysis. Key insights from decision analysis applications and behavioral decision analysis research are presented, and numerous decision

Gedalof, Irene - Narratives of Difference in an Age of Austerity, ebook

Narratives of Difference in an Age of Austerity

Gedalof, Irene


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Narrative, Difference, Austerity
Irene Gedalof
2. Turning Around Equalities
Irene Gedalof
3. Doing the Right Thing: Welfare Reform Narratives and the Crafting of Consent
Irene Gedalof
4. Work Yourself Better: The Disabled Person as Benefit Scrounger

Heynderickx, Priscilla - Displaying Competence in Organizations, ebook

Displaying Competence in Organizations

Heynderickx, Priscilla


The Language of Power: an Analysis of a Corpus of CEO Letters
Berna Hendriks, Margot Mulken
5. The Successful 2008 Presidential Candidate: How Political Weblogs Have Contributed in Shaping the American Electorate’s Preferences
Giorgia Riboni
6. The

Kii, Masanobu - Technological Innovation and Public Policy, ebook

Technological Innovation and Public Policy

Kii, Masanobu


Costs and Benefits of Fuel Economy Regulations: A Comparative Analysis of Automotive Fuel Economy Standards and the Corresponding Benefits for Consumers
Masanobu Kii, Hiroaki Miyoshi
4. Future Directions for Fuel Efficiency Policy: Evolving from Fuel Efficiency

Leuf, Bo - The Semantic Web: Crafting Infrastructure for Agency, ebook

The Semantic Web: Crafting Infrastructure for Agency

Leuf, Bo


The Semantic Web: Crafting Infrastructure for Agency presents a more holistic view of the current state of development and deployment. This a comprehensive reference to the rapidly developing technologies, which are enabling more intelligent and automated transactions