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Balzac, Honoré de - The Country Doctor, ebook

The Country Doctor

Balzac, Honoré de


Dr. Benassis is a doctor and a village major. Thanks to him, the once poor village has started to blossom. The village is getting richer and richer, and also the villagers seem very happy about the situation. When commander Genestas arrives at the village,…

Eldon, Stan - Life on the Run, ebook

Life on the Run

Eldon, Stan


He grew up in Windsor during the Second World War, and during his time at Windsor County Boys' School he started his athletics career, running 880 yards and cross-country races. On leaving school he joined the Berkshire Constabulary as one of its first police cadets

Marans, Robert W. - Investigating Quality of Urban Life, ebook

Investigating Quality of Urban Life

Marans, Robert W.


Objective Measurement of Quality of Life Using Secondary Data Analysis
Robert Stimson, Robert W. Marans
3. Subjective Measurement of Quality of Life Using Primary Data Collection and the Analysis of Survey Data

Skipper, Keith - Confessions of a Country Boy, ebook

Confessions of a Country Boy

Skipper, Keith


Affectionate and funny, the writing offers a sharp-eyed and unsentimental view of post-war life in Norfolk in particular, and the country in general, in 1950's England.

Duncan, Alistair - An Entirely New Country, ebook

An Entirely New Country

Duncan, Alistair


However, for his many admirers, the most important event of that decade was the resurrection of Sherlock Holmes - the character that he felt had cast a shadow over his life.