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Michalopoulos, Constantine - Developing countries in the WTO, ebook

Developing countries in the WTO

Michalopoulos, Constantine


Globalization means that today, more than ever before, growth in developing countries and the reduction of poverty depend on world trade and a well functioning trading system. This volume reviews developing countries trade policies and institutions,

Groth, Hans - Population Dynamics in Muslim Countries, ebook

Population Dynamics in Muslim Countries

Groth, Hans


Family-Based Old-Age Care in Arab Countries: Between Tradition and Modernity
Abla Mehio Sibai, Rouham Yamout
6. Pakistan’s Population Prospects, 2010–2030: A Glass Half Full or Half Empty?
Zeba A. Sathar
7. Demographic Transition in Iran: Changes

Manninen, Juha - The Vienna Circle in the Nordic Countries, ebook

The Vienna Circle in the Nordic Countries

Manninen, Juha


Table of contents
A.. The Vienna Circle in the Nordic Countries
1. Arne Naess — Dogmas and Problems of Empiricism
Friedrich Stadler
2. Niels Bohr and the Vienna Circle
Jan Faye
3. Between the Vienna Circle and Ludwig Wittgenstein…

Gueyie, Jean-Pierre - Microfinance in Developing Countries, ebook

Microfinance in Developing Countries

Gueyie, Jean-Pierre


Table of contents
1. Dilemmas and Directions in Microfinance Research
Ronny Manos, Jean-Pierre Gueyie, Jacob Yaron
2. Microfinance and Microenterprises’ Financing Constraints in Eastern Europe and Central Asia
Valentina Hartarska, Denis…

Seidl, Christian - Tax Progression in OECD Countries, ebook

Tax Progression in OECD Countries

Seidl, Christian


Table of contents
1. Introduction:Measuring Tax Progression
Christian Seidl, Kirill Pogorelskiy, Stefan Traub
Part I. Theory
2. Local Measures
Christian Seidl, Kirill Pogorelskiy, Stefan Traub
3. Global Measures
Christian Seidl,…

Havrylyshyn, Oleh - Return to Growth in CIS Countries, ebook

Return to Growth in CIS Countries

Havrylyshyn, Oleh


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Growth Resumption in the CIS Countries
Lúcio Vinhas de Souza, Oleh Havrylyshyn
Part I:.Russia
2. Monetary Policy Transmission and CBR Monetary Policy
Yulia Vymyatnina
3. Choice of the Substitution…