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Pyun, Su-Il - Progress in Corrosion Science and Engineering II, ebook

Progress in Corrosion Science and Engineering II

Pyun, Su-Il


1 Advances in the Study of Electrochemical and Corrosion Phenomena in High Subcritical and in Supercritical Aqueous Solutions
Digby D. Macdonald
2. 2 Passive Oxide Films on Iron by In-Situ Detection of Optical Techniques
Toshiaki Ohtsuka
3. 3 Probing

Fushimi, Koji - Electrochemistry for Corrosion Fundamentals, ebook

Electrochemistry for Corrosion Fundamentals

Fushimi, Koji


Electrochemical Fundamentals of Corrosion and Corrosion Protection
Toshiaki Ohtsuka, Atsushi Nishikata, Masatoshi Sakairi, Koji Fushimi
2. Electrochemical Measurement of Wet Corrosion
Toshiaki Ohtsuka, Atsushi Nishikata,

Cavaliere, Pasquale - Cold-Spray Coatings, ebook

Cold-Spray Coatings

Cavaliere, Pasquale


Tribological Coatings Prepared by Cold Spray
Richard R. Chromik, Sima Ahmad Alidokht, J. Michael Shockley, Yinyin Zhang
Part V. Corrosion Resistant Coatings
12. Fundamentals of Corrosion

Dušek, Karel - Protective Coatings, ebook

Protective Coatings

Dušek, Karel


In Situ FTIR Study of Cure Kinetics of Coatings with Controlled Humidity
Mei Wen, Karlis Adamsons
9. Shrinkage in UV-Curable Coatings
Yong He, Miao Yao, Jun Nie
10. Measurements of Stress Development in Latex Coatings
Kyle Price, Wenjun Wu, Alon

Buchheit, Rudolph G. - Active Protective Coatings, ebook

Active Protective Coatings

Buchheit, Rudolph G.


Active Protective Coatings: Sense and Heal Concepts for Organic Coatings
H. R. Fischer, S. J. García
8. Delivery Systems for Self Healing Protective Coatings
M. L. Zheludkevich, A. E. Hughes
Part III. Characterisation Techniques—Measuring Self Healing

Barry, Dana M. - Corrosion Control and Surface Finishing, ebook

Corrosion Control and Surface Finishing

Barry, Dana M.


Fundamentals of Corrosion and Surface Finishing for Corrosion Control
2. The Fundamentals of Corrosion Science and Engineering: Equilibrium Theory and Its Meaning
Hideyuki Kanematsu, Dana M. Barry
3. Measurement and