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Minow, Nell - Corporate Governance, ebook

Corporate Governance

Minow, Nell


In addition to its authoritative overview of the history, the myth and the reality of corporate governance, this new edition has been updated to include: analysis of the financial crisis; the reasons for the global scale of the

Hilb, Martin - Integrierte Corporate Governance, ebook

Integrierte Corporate Governance

Hilb, Martin


Table of contents
1. Einführung
Martin Hilb
2. Situative Board Dimension
Martin Hilb
3. Strategische Board Dimension
Martin Hilb
4. Integrierte Board Management Dimension
Martin Hilb
5. Evaluative Board Dimension

Capaldi, Nicholas - Dimensional Corporate Governance, ebook

Dimensional Corporate Governance

Capaldi, Nicholas


Justifying CEO Pay Ratios: Analysing Corporate Responses to Bloomberg’s Listing of Standard & Poor’s 500 Pay Ratios
Manuel Castelo Branco, Catarina Delgado
3. The Banality of Good and Evil: Ethics Courses in Business Management Education
Mary Godwyn