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King, Myke - Process Control: A Practical Approach, ebook

Process Control: A Practical Approach

King, Myke


Back-to-basics approach, with a focus on techniques that have an immediate practical application, and heavy maths relegated to the end of the book Written by an experienced practitioner, highly regarded by major corporations, with 25 years of teaching industry courses Supports the increasing expectations

Lamm, Jacob - Under Control, ebook

Under Control

Lamm, Jacob


Table of contents
1. The Rise of Governance
Jacob Lamm
2. Governance Today
Jacob Lamm
3. Policy Management
Sumner Blount
4. Risk Management
Sumner Blount
5. Risk Governance and the Board of Directors
William E.…

No Control

No Control

Foxx, Scarlett


Stories of dominant women or men, couples, or strangers who explore the limits of sexuality with role play, BDSM, partner swapping or orgies shrouded in sexy mystique. This is a collection of erotic short stories from Cupido.

Smith, Cecil L. - Distillation Control: An Engineering Perspective, ebook

Distillation Control: An Engineering Perspective

Smith, Cecil L.


Learn to Design the Best Control Configuration for Any Distillation Column
Today, distillation is by far the most common separation technique used in the chemical and petroleum industries. All distillation columns need to be carefully controlled

Vilanova, Ramon - PID Control in the Third Millennium, ebook

PID Control in the Third Millennium

Vilanova, Ramon


An Overview of Tuning Rules for the PI and PID Continuous-Time Control of Time-Delayed Single-Input, Single-Output (SISO) Processes
Aidan O’Dwyer
2. Model-Based PI(D) Autotuning
Alberto Leva, Martina Maggio
3. PI/PID Controllers Design for Integrating

Landau, Ioan Doré - Adaptive Control, ebook

Adaptive Control

Landau, Ioan Doré


Table of contents
1. Introduction to Adaptive Control
Ioan Doré Landau, Rogelio Lozano, Mohammed M’Saad, Alireza Karimi
2. Discrete-Time System Models for Control
Ioan Doré Landau, Rogelio Lozano, Mohammed M’Saad, Alireza Karimi
3. Parameter Adaptation Algorithms—Deterministic Environment

Ge, Zhiqiang - Multivariate Statistical Process Control, ebook

Multivariate Statistical Process Control

Ge, Zhiqiang


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Zhiqiang Ge, Zhihuan Song
2. An Overview of Conventional MSPC Methods
Zhiqiang Ge, Zhihuan Song
3. Non-Gaussian Process Monitoring
Zhiqiang Ge, Zhihuan Song
4. Fault Reconstruction and Identification

Okuyama, Yoshifumi - Discrete Control Systems, ebook

Discrete Control Systems

Okuyama, Yoshifumi


Table of contents
1. Mathematical Descriptions and Models
Yoshifumi Okuyama
2. Discretized Feedback Systems
Yoshifumi Okuyama
3. Robust Stability Analysis
Yoshifumi Okuyama
4. Model Reference Feedback and PID Control

Lewis, Frank L. - Optimal Control, ebook

Optimal Control

Lewis, Frank L.

From 155,20€

A new edition of the classic text on optimal control theory
As a superb introductory text and an indispensable reference, this new edition of Optimal Control will serve the needs of both the professional engineer and the advanced student in mechanical, electrical, and aerospace engineering.