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Cazenave, Thierry - Contributions to Nonlinear Analysis, ebook

Contributions to Nonlinear Analysis

Cazenave, Thierry


Table of contents
1. Remarks on a Class of Neumann Problems Involving Critical Exponents
Emerson A. M. Abreu, Paulo Cesar Carrião, Olimpio Hiroshi Miyagaki
2. Existence of Solutions for a Class of Problems in IR N Involving the…

Hegedus, Stephen J. - The SimCalc Vision and Contributions, ebook

The SimCalc Vision and Contributions

Hegedus, Stephen J.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Major Themes, Technologies, and Timeline
Jeremy Roschelle, Stephen Hegedus
2. The Mathematics of Change and Variation from a Millennial Perspective: New Content, New Context
James J. Kaput, Jeremy Roschelle

Leeson, Robert - David Laidler’s Contributions to Economics, ebook

David Laidler’s Contributions to Economics

Leeson, Robert


David Laidler’s Contributions to the History of Monetary Economics
Robert W. Dimand
5. Laidler’s Monetarism
Perry Mehrling
6. What is Good Government? David Laidler’s Views
Robert Young, David Laidler, James B. Davies
7. Trade-offs in

Couso, Digna - Contributions from Science Education Research, ebook

Contributions from Science Education Research

Couso, Digna


Table of contents
1. Students’ Interest In Learning Science
1. Interest in Science: Lessons and non-lessons from TIMSS and PISA
Peter J. Fensham
2. Research-based Innovative Units for Enhancing Student Cognitive Outcomes and Interest in…