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McGrath, Alister E. - Theology: The Basic Readings, ebook

Theology: The Basic Readings

McGrath, Alister E.


Readings are drawn from a broad theological spectrum and include both historical and contemporary, mainstream, and cutting-edge approaches Uses the Apostles’ Creed as a framework to introduce readers to writings on key issues, such as faith, God, Jesus, creation,

Miller-McLemore, Bonnie J. - The Wiley Blackwell Reader in Practical Theology, ebook

The Wiley Blackwell Reader in Practical Theology

Miller-McLemore, Bonnie J.


Contains a general introduction to the discipline, featuring classic and pioneering essays that address the history, methods, issues, and exemplary illustrations of research, teaching, and practice 
Presenting a diverse collection of landmark essays, The Wiley-Blackwell Reader in Practical Theology

McGrath, Alister E. - The Christian Theology Reader, ebook

The Christian Theology Reader

McGrath, Alister E.


Regarded as the leading text in Christian theology for the last 25 years, Alister E. McGrath’s The Christian Theology Reader is now available in a new 5th edition featuring completely revised and updated content. Brings together more than 350 readings

Markham, Ian S. - A Theology of Engagement, ebook

A Theology of Engagement

Markham, Ian S.


Provides an alternative to the liberal / orthodox divide in contemporary Christianity. Defends Christianity’s engagement with non-Christian traditions. Includes important discussion of theological method. Illustrated with case studies involving human rights,

Jones, Gareth - The Blackwell Companion to Modern Theology, ebook

The Blackwell Companion to Modern Theology

Jones, Gareth


In this major reference work, a team of the world's leading theologians provides a powerful overview of modern theologyCovers theology's relation to other disciplines, the history of theology, major themes, key figures and contemporary

Jordan, Mark D. - Rewritten Theology: Aquinas After His Readers, ebook

Rewritten Theology: Aquinas After His Readers

Jordan, Mark D.


Responding to the recent upsurge of interest in Thomas Aquinas, this book goes straight to the heart of the contemporary debates about Thomism.
Focuses on the concept of authority, both in terms of Aquinas’s own attitude to authority, and how the Church authorities have used Aquinas’s

McGrath, Alister E. - Christian Theology: An Introduction, ebook

Christian Theology: An Introduction

McGrath, Alister E.


Christian Theology: An Introduction, one of the most internationally-acclaimed Christian theology textbooks in use, has been completely rewritten for the 6th edition. It now features new and extended material and companion resources, ensuring it retains

Bauerschmidt, Frederick C. - Catholic Theology: An Introduction, ebook

Catholic Theology: An Introduction

Bauerschmidt, Frederick C.


Introduction to Catholic Theology is an accessible but in-depth examination of the ways in which Catholic theology is rooted in and informs Catholic practice. Weaves together discussion of the Bible, historical texts, reflections by important theologians,