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Dubost, Thierry - Perspectives on Contemporary Irish Theatre, ebook

Perspectives on Contemporary Irish Theatre

Dubost, Thierry


Through a Glass, Darkly: Priests on the Contemporary Irish Stage
Virginie Roche-Tiengo
17. Populating the Irish Stage with (Dis)Abled Bodies: Sanctuary by Christian O’Reilly and the Blue Teapot Company
Katarzyna Ojrzyńska
18. Queering the Irish Stage:

Angelaki, Vicky - Contemporary British Theatre, ebook

Contemporary British Theatre

Angelaki, Vicky


‘And I was struck still by time’: Contemporary British Theatre and the Metaphysical Imagination
Chris Megson
4. Politics for the Middle Classes: Contemporary Audiences and the Violence of Now
Vicky Angelaki

Reilly, Kara - Contemporary Approaches to Adaptation in Theatre, ebook

Contemporary Approaches to Adaptation in Theatre

Reilly, Kara


Reinscribing the Other in Contemporary Adaptations of Greek Tragedy, Introduced by Eleftheria Ioannidou
10. Hypertheatrical Engagement with Euripides’ Trojan Women: A Female ‘Writ of Habeas Corpus’
Olga Kekis
11. A Tale of Two Jordans: Representing

Salhi, Kamal - African Theatre for Development, ebook

African Theatre for Development

Salhi, Kamal


This book acts as a forum for investigating how African Theatre works and what its place is in this postmodern society. It provides the subject with a degree of detail unmatched in previous books, reflecting a new approach to the study of the performing arts in this region. The collection: •

Tompkins, Joanne - Theatre’s Heterotopias, ebook

Theatre’s Heterotopias

Tompkins, Joanne


Introduction: Theatre, Space, and World-making
Joanne Tompkins
2. Theatre and the Construction of Alternate Spaces
Joanne Tompkins
3. Heterotopia and Site-Specificity
Joanne Tompkins
4. Heterotopia, the National Theatre

Underiner, Tamara - Theatre, Performance and Change, ebook

Theatre, Performance and Change

Underiner, Tamara


Fifty Years of Chicano Theatre: Mapping the Face(s) of the New American Theatre
Jorge A. Huerta
16. In the Heights at the University of Pittsburgh: Failures, Successes and Change
Lisa Jackson-Schebetta
17. Choreography, Connections and Change