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Cretu, Ovidiu - Risk Management for Design and Construction, ebook

Risk Management for Design and Construction

Cretu, Ovidiu


Written by experts in the field, it offers a practical, proven means of quantifying and minimizing risk, to inform business decisions in the design and construction field. Case studies and examples on the proper application of software and principles help make this

Coulson, Jim - Wood in Construction: How to Avoid Costly Mistakes, ebook

Wood in Construction: How to Avoid Costly Mistakes

Coulson, Jim


Wood in Construction – Getting it Right First Time focuses on the basic principles and appropriate use of wood in construction and illustrates how to avoid or minimise problems, to ensure that wood performs as expected when used in a construction

Whitfield, Jeffery - Conflict in Construction, ebook

Conflict in Construction

Whitfield, Jeffery


Construction projects are beset with disputes. In 1960 around 250 writs were issued relating to construction disputes. Within 30 years this number increased five-fold, and in the 20 years since then the number of disputes has not fallen. Some disputes

Godwin, William - International Construction Contracts: A Handbook, ebook

International Construction Contracts: A Handbook

Godwin, William


The book provides clear, concise and practical guidance on the understanding, negotiation and management of contracts for international construction and engineering projects. It covers, in a simple and straightforward way, the main features of construction

Coulson, Jim - Sustainable Use of Wood in Construction, ebook

Sustainable Use of Wood in Construction

Coulson, Jim


There is a great deal of innovation in the use of wood in construction, from impressive modern buildings to new construction products that reduce build times and improve building performance. As a renewable resource with proven low embodied energy, wood

Cooke, Brian - Management of Construction Projects, ebook

Management of Construction Projects

Cooke, Brian


Construction Management is a wide ranging discipline, but ultimately it is a demanding, hands-on discipline concerned with the management of people, plant and materials, all mobilised to complete a building project safely, on time, on budget and to the client’s satisfaction.    

Walker, Anthony - Project Management in Construction, ebook

Project Management in Construction

Walker, Anthony


As with all previous editions of   ProjectManagement in Construction, this sixth edition focuses onsystems theory as the approach suitable for organizing and managingpeople skilled in the design and completion of constructionprojects. It discusses the many competing paradigms and

Chan, Isabelle Yee Shan - Stress Management in the Construction Industry, ebook

Stress Management in the Construction Industry

Chan, Isabelle Yee Shan


‘A book that presents an integrated and comprehensive stress management model that reflects the demands and dynamism of the construction industry is not just important but a must for all those working in the industry.’
Philip Dewe, Professor of Organizational Behaviour, Birkbeck