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UNKNOWN - Constitutional Law For Dummies, ebook

Constitutional Law For Dummies



Discover the ins and outs of Constitutional law
Are you a student looking for trusted, plain-English guidance on the ins and outs of Constitutional law? Look no further!
Constitutional Law For Dummies provides a detailed study guide tracking to

Bustamante, Thomas - Democratizing Constitutional Law, ebook

Democratizing Constitutional Law

Bustamante, Thomas


On the Difficulty to Ground the Authority of Constitutional Courts: Can Strong Judicial Review Be Morally Justified?
Thomas Bustamante
4. Reason Without Vote: The Representative and Majoritarian Function of Constitutional Courts
Luís Roberto Barroso

Marciano, Alain - Constitutional Mythologies, ebook

Constitutional Mythologies

Marciano, Alain


Agent Type, Social Contracts, and Constitutional Mythologies
Peter Boettke, Alexander Fink
4. Constitutions, Politics, and Identity
Alan Hamlin
5. Is the “Veil of Ignorance” in Constitutional Choice a Myth?