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Silva, Padmasiri de - The Psychology of Buddhism in Conflict Studies, ebook

The Psychology of Buddhism in Conflict Studies

Silva, Padmasiri de


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Padmasiri de Silva
2. The Buddhist Critique of Metaphysical Entanglements
Padmasiri de Silva
3. The Many-faceted Nature of a Crisis
Padmasiri de Silva
4. Psychological Dimensions of Conflict and Harmony
Padmasiri de Silva
5. Criminal Justice Through a Buddhist

Braniff, Máire - Commemoration as Conflict, ebook

Commemoration as Conflict

Braniff, Máire


A War by Other Means? Commemorating Conflict in the New Northern Ireland
Sara McDowell, Máire Braniff
5. Contested Visions: Memory, Space and Identity in the Basque Country
Sara McDowell, Máire Braniff
6. Challenging the Boundaries of the Sri Lankan

Marshall, Ellen Ott - Conflict Transformation and Religion, ebook

Conflict Transformation and Religion

Marshall, Ellen Ott


Introduction: Learning Through Conflict, Working for Transformation
Ellen Ott Marshall
2. Transformative Solidarity: International Accompaniment as Conflict Transformation
Sarah MacDonald
3. “Word Made Flesh”: Toward a Pedagogy of a New We

Ogunyemi, Ola - Media, Diaspora and Conflict, ebook

Media, Diaspora and Conflict

Ogunyemi, Ola


Introduction: Communicating Conflict from the Diaspora
Ola Ogunyemi
Part I. Roles of Diasporic Media in Conflicts
2. Diaspora Journalism and Conflicts in Transnational Media Circuits
Ayo Oyeleye
3. The Diasporic

Bourne, Mike - Arming Conflict, ebook

Arming Conflict

Bourne, Mike


In Between the Global and the Conflict: Regional Facilitation and the Construction of Networks
Mike Bourne
6. Structures and Dynamics of Intra-regional SALW Spread to Conflicts
Mike Bourne
Part IV. The Conflict-Complex

Canary, Daniel - Family Conflict: Managing the Unexpected, ebook

Family Conflict: Managing the Unexpected

Canary, Daniel

From 22,45€

Family Conflict takes a life course approach as it provides an accessible discussion of family conflict issues, processes, and outcomes.  Chapters draw on recent theory and research regarding sub-systems and stages in family life to give readers resource-rich