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Marder, Michael P. - Condensed Matter Physics, ebook

Condensed Matter Physics

Marder, Michael P.


This Second Edition presents an updated review of the whole field of condensed matter physics. It consolidates new and classic topics from disparate sources, teaching not only about the effective masses of electrons

Monastyrsky, Michail Ilych - Topology in Condensed Matter, ebook

Topology in Condensed Matter

Monastyrsky, Michail Ilych


Table of contents
1. Introduction
M. Monastyrsky
2. Topology in the Electron Theory of Metals
A.M. Kosevich
3. Topology, Quasiperiodic Functions, and the Transport Phenomena
A.Ya. Maltsev, S.P. Novikov
4. The Role of Topology in Growth and Agglomeration
R. Kerner
5. Topological Defects in Carbon

Duplantier, Bertrand - Dirac Matter, ebook

Dirac Matter

Duplantier, Bertrand


Dirac Fermions in Condensed Matter and Beyond
Mark Goerbig, Gilles Montambaux
3. Quantum Transport in Graphene: Impurity Scattering as a Probe of the Dirac Spectrum
Chuan Li, Sophie Guéron, Hélène Bouchiat

Blundell, Stephen - Magnetism in Condensed Matter, ebook

Magnetism in Condensed Matter

Blundell, Stephen


An understanding of the quantum mechanical nature of magnetism has led to the development of new magnetic materials which are used as permanent magnets, sensors, and information storage. Behind these practical applications lie a range of fundamental ideas,…

Hook, J. R. - Solid State Physics, ebook

Solid State Physics

Hook, J. R.


This Second Edition is aimed at students taking a first course in this subject, although it will also be of interest to professional physicists and electronic engineers requiring a grasp of the fundamentals of this important area of physics. Basic concepts are introduced in an easily