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Sosinsky, Barrie - Cloud Computing Bible, ebook

Cloud Computing Bible

Sosinsky, Barrie


The complete reference guide to the hot technology of cloud computing
Its potential for lowering IT costs makes cloud computing a major force for both IT vendors and users; it is expected to gain momentum rapidly with the launch of Office Web Apps later this year. Because cloud

Aspray, William - Participation in Computing, ebook

Participation in Computing

Aspray, William


Opening Computing Careers to Underrepresented Groups
William Aspray
3. The Broadening Participation in Computing Alliances
William Aspray
4. Recent Efforts to Broaden Formal Computer Science Education at the K-12 Level
William Aspray
5. Recent

Bojanova, Irena - Encyclopedia of Cloud Computing, ebook

Encyclopedia of Cloud Computing

Bojanova, Irena


The Encyclopedia of Cloud Computing provides IT professionals, educators, researchers and students with a compendium of cloud computing knowledge. Authored by a spectrum of subject matter experts in industry and academia, this unique publication, in

Wempen, Faithe - Computing Fundamentals: IC3 Edition, ebook

Computing Fundamentals: IC3 Edition

Wempen, Faithe


Kick start your journey into computing and prepare for your IC3 certification
With this essential course book you'll be sending e-mails, surfing the web and understanding the basics of computing in no time. Written by Faithe Wempen, a Microsoft Office

Trobec, Roman - Parallel Computing, ebook

Parallel Computing

Trobec, Roman


Overview – Parallel Computing: Numerics, Applications, and Trends
Marián Vajteršic, Peter Zinterhof, Roman Trobec
2. Introduction to Parallel Computation
Selim G. Akl, Marius Nagy
3. Tools for Parallel and Distributed Computing
Thomas Fahringer