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Lundin, Per - Computers in Swedish Society, ebook

Computers in Swedish Society

Lundin, Per


Table of contents
1. Background and Theoretical Assumptions
Per Lundin
2. Documenting the Use of Computers
Per Lundin
3. Oral Evidence and the Swedish Historiography of Computing
Per Lundin

Krüger, Jörg - The Secure Information Society, ebook

The Secure Information Society

Krüger, Jörg


Table of contents
1. Between War & Peace: Considering the Statecraft of Cyberspace
Chris Bronk
2. Laying an Intellectual Foundation for Cyberdeterrence: Some Initial Steps
Herbert Lin
3. Duties of Care on the Internet

Sideridis, Alexander B. - Next Generation Society. Technological and Legal Issues, ebook

Next Generation Society. Technological and Legal Issues

Sideridis, Alexander B.


Table of contents
1. A Study on the Lack of Enforcement of Data Protection Acts
Thorben Burghardt, Klemens Böhm, Erik Buchmann, Jürgen Kühling, Anastasios Sivridis
2. The Impact of the Web and Political Balance to e-Democracy
Christos Manolopoulos, Rozina Efstathiadou, Paul Spirakis
3. Using Structured

Juhlin, Oskar - Social Media on the Road, ebook

Social Media on the Road

Juhlin, Oskar


Table of contents
1. Social Life in Traffic
Oskar Juhlin
2. Juxtaposing Traffic Research and Social Computing
Oskar Juhlin
3. Investigating and Designing for Social Interaction
Oskar Juhlin
4. Traffic as Situated Interaction