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Kaveh, Ali - Optimal Structural Analysis, ebook

Optimal Structural Analysis

Kaveh, Ali


This second edition of the highly acclaimed and successful first edition, deals primarily with the analysis of structural engineering systems, with applicable methods to other types of structures. The concepts presented in the book are not only relevant…

Scarpino, Matthew - TensorFlow für Dummies, ebook

TensorFlow für Dummies

Scarpino, Matthew


TensorFlow ist Googles herausragendes Werkzeug für das maschinelle Lernen, und dieses Buch macht es zugänglich, selbst wenn Sie bisher wenig über neuronale Netze und Deep Learning wissen. Sie erfahren, auf welchen Prinzipien TensorFlow basiert und…

Guan, Ling - Unsupervised Learning: A Dynamic Approach, ebook

Unsupervised Learning: A Dynamic Approach

Guan, Ling

From 110,20€

A new approach to unsupervised learning
Evolving technologies have brought about an explosion of information in recent years, but the question of how such information might be effectively harvested, archived, and analyzed remains a monumental challenge—for the processing of such information is often fraught with the need

Basener, William F. - Topology and Its Applications, ebook

Topology and Its Applications

Basener, William F.

From 110,20€

Discover a unique and modern treatment of topology employing a cross-disciplinary approach
Implemented recently to understand diverse topics, such as cell biology, superconductors, and robot motion, topology has been transformed from a theoretical field that highlights mathematical theory