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Wiest, Olaf - Computational Organometallic Chemistry, ebook

Computational Organometallic Chemistry

Wiest, Olaf


Computational Organometallic Chemistry with Force Fields
Jing Huang, Michael Devereux, Franziska Hofmann, Markus Meuwly
3. New Insights into the Molecular Mechanism of H2 Activation
Guixiang Zeng, Yong Guo, Shuhua Li
4. Transition Metal-Catalyzed Hydrogenations

Ekins, Sean - Computer Applications in Pharmaceutical Research and Development, ebook

Computer Applications in Pharmaceutical Research and Development

Ekins, Sean


A unique, holistic approach covering all functions and phases of pharmaceutical research and development
While there are a number of texts dedicated to individual aspects of pharmaceutical research and development, this unique contributed work takes a holistic and integrative approach to the use of computers

Seppelt, Ralf - Computer-Based Environmental Management, ebook

Computer-Based Environmental Management

Seppelt, Ralf


Here, the author provides professionals in environmental research and management with the information they need with respect to computer modeling: An understanding of the mathematical fundamentals and the choice of the optimal approach and corresponding software for their particular task. Numerous

Kirtman, Bernard - Frontiers of Quantum Chemistry, ebook

Frontiers of Quantum Chemistry

Kirtman, Bernard


Quantum Chemistry at the High Pressures: The eXtreme Pressure Polarizable Continuum Model (XP-PCM)
Roberto Cammi
13. Transition States of Spin-State Crossing Reactions from Organometallics to Biomolecular Excited States
Naoki Nakatani, Akira Nakayama,

Isermann, Rolf - Fault-Diagnosis Applications, ebook

Fault-Diagnosis Applications

Isermann, Rolf


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Rolf Isermann
2. Supervision, fault-detection and diagnosis methods – a short introduction
Rolf Isermann
3. Fault diagnosis of electrical drives
Rolf Isermann
4. Fault diagnosis of electrical…

Meier, Peter C. - Statistical Methods in Analytical Chemistry, ebook

Statistical Methods in Analytical Chemistry

Meier, Peter C.


Unlike other books on the subject, Statistical Methods in Analytical Chemistry, Second Edition presents and solves problems in the context of a comprehensive decision-making process under GMP rules: Would you recommend the destruction of a $100,000 batch of product