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Young, Michael J. - Social Computing and Behavioral Modeling, ebook

Social Computing and Behavioral Modeling

Young, Michael J.


Rule Evaluation Model as Behavioral Modeling of Domain Experts
Hidenao Abe, Shusaku Tsumoto
5. Trust and Privacy in Distributed Work Groups
Denise Anthony, Tristan Henderson, James Kitts
6. Cultural Consensus Theory: Aggregating Expert Judgments about

Zhou, Jie - Complex Sciences, ebook

Complex Sciences

Zhou, Jie


Identifying Social Communities in Complex Communications for Network Efficiency
Pan Hui, Eiko Yoneki, Jon Crowcroft, Shu-Yan Chan
35. Hypernetworks of Complex Systems
Jeffrey Johnson
36. Less Restrictive Synchronization Criteria in Complex Networks

Klüver, Jürgen - Social Understanding, ebook

Social Understanding

Klüver, Jürgen


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Historical Methodical and Conceptual Frames
Jürgen Klüver, Christina Klüver
2. The Operation Called “Verstehen”: Considerations About Formal Systematizations of Understanding
Jürgen Klüver, Christina…

Banati, Hema - Hybrid Intelligence for Social Networks, ebook

Hybrid Intelligence for Social Networks

Banati, Hema


Hybrid Intelligent Techniques in Text Mining and Analysis of Social Networks and Media Data
Neha Golani, Ishan Khandelwal, B. K. Tripathy
2. Social Network Metrics Integration into Fuzzy Expert System and Bayesian Network for Better Data Science Solution Performance

Chen, Shu-Heng - Agent-Based Approaches in Economic and Social Complex Systems VI, ebook

Agent-Based Approaches in Economic and Social Complex Systems VI

Chen, Shu-Heng


Table of contents
Part I. Agent-Based Financial Markets
1. Comprehensive Analysis of Information Transmission Among Agents: Similarity and Heterogeneity of Collective Behavior
Aki-Hiro Sato
2. Examining the Effects of Traders’ Overconfidence on Market Behavior
Chia-Hsuan Yeh, Chun-Yi Yang
Part II. Financial

Takadama, Keiki - Simulating Interacting Agents and Social Phenomena, ebook

Simulating Interacting Agents and Social Phenomena

Takadama, Keiki


Reputation and Economic Performance in Industrial Districts: Modelling Social Complexity Through Multi-Agent Systems
Gennaro Tosto, Francesca Giardini, Rosaria Conte
Part III. Modeling Approaches and Programming Environments
13. Injecting Data into Agent-Based

Memon, Nasrullah - Data Mining for Social Network Data, ebook

Data Mining for Social Network Data

Memon, Nasrullah


Automatic Expansion of a Social Network Using Sentiment Analysis
Hristo Tanev, Bruno Pouliquen, Vanni Zavarella, Ralf Steinberger
3. Automatic Mapping of Social Networks of Actors from Text Corpora: Time Series Analysis

Shah, Chirag - Social Information Seeking, ebook

Social Information Seeking

Shah, Chirag


Social Dimension of Information Seeking
4. Online Question-Answering (Q&A)
Chirag Shah
5. Social Search
Chirag Shah
Part III. Collaborative Dimension of Information Seeking
6. Collaborative Information Seeking
Chirag Shah
7. Social