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Flinn, Andrew - Computation and the Humanities, ebook

Computation and the Humanities

Flinn, Andrew


I Would Think of Myself as Sitting Inside the Computer: Mary Dee Harris and Julianne Nyhan
Julianne Nyhan, Andrew Flinn
9. There Had to Be a Better Way: John Nitti and Julianne Nyhan
Julianne Nyhan, Andrew Flinn
10. It’s a Little Mind-Boggling: Helen

Hai-Jew, Shalin - Data Analytics in Digital Humanities, ebook

Data Analytics in Digital Humanities

Hai-Jew, Shalin


Table of contents
Part I. Design of Representational Systems
1. Semantic Web for Cultural Heritage Valorisation
Giorgia Lodi, Luigi Asprino, Andrea Giovanni Nuzzolese, Valentina Presutti, Aldo Gangemi, Diego Reforgiato Recupero, Chiara Veninata, Annarita Orsini
2. Using the Formal Representations of “Elementary

Dong, Andy - Computer-Aided Architectural Design Futures (CAADFutures) 2007, ebook

Computer-Aided Architectural Design Futures (CAADFutures) 2007

Dong, Andy


Table of contents
1. Becoming Virtual
1. Augmented Reality and Tangible Interfaces in Collaborative Urban Design
Hartmut Seichter
2. Mutually Augmented Virtual Environments for Architectural Design and Collaboration
Xiangyu Wang
3. Conceptual Modeling Environment (COMOEN)
Chih-Chieh Scottie Huang

Lu, Dongming - Digital Preservation for Heritages, ebook

Digital Preservation for Heritages

Lu, Dongming


Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. The Basis of Digital Technologies for Cultural Heritage Preservation
3. Digitalization of Cultural Heritage
4. Archaeological Research Aiding Technologies
5. Digitally Aided Conservation and Restoration…

Agmon, Eytan - The Languages of Western Tonality, ebook

The Languages of Western Tonality

Agmon, Eytan


Table of contents
1. Proto-tonal Theory: Tapping into Ninth-Century Insights
Eytan Agmon
Part I. Proto-tonality
2. Preliminaries
Eytan Agmon
3. Communicating Pitches and Transmitting Notes
Eytan Agmon
4. The Conventional…