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Mohanty, Soumendra - Big Data Imperatives, ebook

Big Data Imperatives

Mohanty, Soumendra


Big Data Implications for Industry
Soumendra Mohanty, Madhu Jagadeesh, Harsha Srivatsa
4. Emerging Database Landscape
Soumendra Mohanty, Madhu Jagadeesh, Harsha Srivatsa
5. Application Architectures for Big Data and Analytics
Soumendra Mohanty,

Csurka, Gabriela - Domain Adaptation in Computer Vision Applications, ebook

Domain Adaptation in Computer Vision Applications

Csurka, Gabriela


Table of contents
1. A Comprehensive Survey on Domain Adaptation for Visual Applications
Gabriela Csurka
2. A Deeper Look at Dataset Bias
Tatiana Tommasi, Novi Patricia, Barbara Caputo, Tinne Tuytelaars
Part I. Shallow Domain Adaptation Methods
3. Geodesic Flow Kernel and Landmarks: Kernel Methods for Unsupervised

Slager, David - Essential Excel 2016, ebook

Essential Excel 2016

Slager, David


Table of contents
1. Becoming Acquainted with Excel
David Slager
2. Navigating and Working with Worksheets
David Slager
3. Best Ways to Enter and Edit Data
David Slager
4. Formatting and Aligning Data
David Slager
5. Different Ways of Viewing and Printing Your Workbook
David Slager

Aggarwal, V. B. - Big Data Analytics, ebook

Big Data Analytics

Aggarwal, V. B.


Need for Developing Intelligent Interfaces for Big Data Analytics in the Microfinance Industry
Purav Parikh, Pragya Singh
2. Unified Resource Descriptor over KAAS Framework
Subhajit Bhattacharya
3. An Adaptable and Secure Intelligent Smart Card Framework

Nabi, Zubair - Pro Spark Streaming, ebook

Pro Spark Streaming

Nabi, Zubair


Table of contents
1. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Big Data
Zubair Nabi
2. Introduction to Spark
Zubair Nabi
3. DStreams: Real-Time RDDs
Zubair Nabi
4. High-Velocity Streams: Parallelism and Other Stories
Zubair Nabi
5. Real-Time Route 66: Linking External Data Sources
Zubair Nabi

Prakash, Deepika - Data Warehouse Requirements Engineering, ebook

Data Warehouse Requirements Engineering

Prakash, Deepika


Issues in Data Warehouse Requirements Engineering
Naveen Prakash, Deepika Prakash
4. Discovering Decisions
Naveen Prakash, Deepika Prakash
5. Information Elicitation
Naveen Prakash, Deepika Prakash
6. The Development Process
Naveen Prakash,

DuttaRoy, Sudipa - SAP Business Analytics, ebook

SAP Business Analytics

DuttaRoy, Sudipa


Consolidating Data from Disparate Systems for an Analytics Project
Sudipa DuttaRoy
4. SAP BusinessObjects Data Services
Sudipa DuttaRoy
5. SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform
Sudipa DuttaRoy
6. SAP Analytics Products
Sudipa DuttaRoy
7. SAP

Minella, Michael T. - Pro Spring Batch, ebook

Pro Spring Batch

Minella, Michael T.


Table of contents
1. Batch and Spring
Michael T. Minella
2. Spring Batch 101
Michael T. Minella
3. Sample Job
Michael T. Minella
4. Understanding Jobs and Steps
Michael T. Minella
5. Job Repository and Metadata