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Mumford, Christine L. - Computational Intelligence, ebook

Computational Intelligence

Mumford, Christine L.


Synergy in Computational Intelligence
Christine L. Mumford
2. Computational Intelligence: The Legacy of Alan Turing and John von Neumann
Heinz Mühlenbein
II. Fusing Evolutionary Algorithms and Fuzzy Logic
3. Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms

Kordon, Arthur - Applying Computational Intelligence, ebook

Applying Computational Intelligence

Kordon, Arthur


Computational Intelligence
Arthur K. Kordon
2. A Roadmap Through the Computational Intelligence Maze
Arthur K. Kordon
3. Let's Get Fuzzy
Arthur K. Kordon
4. Machine Learning: The Ghost in the Learning Machine

Saha, Sujan Kumar - Advances in Computational Intelligence, ebook

Advances in Computational Intelligence

Saha, Sujan Kumar


The Insects of Innovative Computational Intelligence
Sweta Srivastava, Sudip Kumar Sahana
Part IV. Applications in Cloud Computing
19. Effect of VM Selection Heuristics on Energy Consumption and SLAs During VM Migrations in Cloud Data Centers

Bhramaramba, Ravi - Application of Computational Intelligence to Biology, ebook

Application of Computational Intelligence to Biology

Bhramaramba, Ravi


Table of contents
1. Enhancing the Performance of Multi-parameter Patient Monitors by Homogeneous Kernel Maps
S. Premanand, S. Sugunavathy
2. Augmenting the Performance of Multi-patient Parameter Monitoring System in LKSVM
S. Premanand, S. Sugunavathy
3. An Efficient Classification Model Based on Ensemble

Tenne, Yoel - Computational Intelligence in Optimization, ebook

Computational Intelligence in Optimization

Tenne, Yoel


Table of contents
1. New Hybrid Intelligent Systems to Solve Linear and Quadratic Optimization Problems and Increase Guaranteed Optimal Convergence Speed of Recurrent ANN
Otoni Nóbrega Neto, Ronaldo R. B. Aquino, Milde M. S. Lira
2. A Novel…

Au, Thien-Wan - Computational Intelligence in Information Systems, ebook

Computational Intelligence in Information Systems

Au, Thien-Wan


Table of contents
1. On Using Genetic Algorithm for Initialising Semi-supervised Fuzzy c-Means Clustering
Daphne Teck Ching Lai, Jonathan M. Garibaldi
2. Estimation of Confidence-Interval for Yearly Electricity Load Consumption Based on Fuzzy…

Yu, Wen - Advances in Computational Intelligence, ebook

Advances in Computational Intelligence

Yu, Wen


Prophetia: Artificial Intelligence for TravelBox® Technology
R. Chulaka Gunasekara, B. B. Akila Geethal, Mafaz Hassan, C. D. Tharindu Mathew, A. Shehan Perera, Harsha Subasinghe, Yohan Welikala, Lasantha Wimalasena
4. Application Research of Local Support