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Stavrinides, Stavros G. - Chaos and Complex Systems, ebook

Chaos and Complex Systems

Stavrinides, Stavros G.


Fault-Tolerant Tracker for Interconnected Large-Scale Nonlinear Systems with Input Constraint
Y. C. Shiu, J. S. H. Tsai, S. M. Guo, L. S. Shieh, Z. Han
5. Non-equilibrium Systems and Mechanics of Structured Particles

Dimirovski, Georgi M. - Complex Systems, ebook

Complex Systems

Dimirovski, Georgi M.


Control and Supervision for Complex Networks and Systems
1. Diagnosis for Control and Decision Support for Autonomous Vehicles
Mogens Blanke, Søren Hansen, Morten Rufus Blas
2. Integration of Supervisory Control Synthesis in Model-Based Systems Engineering

Leoncini, Xavier - From Hamiltonian Chaos to Complex Systems, ebook

From Hamiltonian Chaos to Complex Systems

Leoncini, Xavier


Table of contents
Part I. Low Dimensional Chaos
1. Weak Chaos, Infinite Ergodic Theory, and Anomalous Dynamics
Rainer Klages
2. Directed Transport in a Stochastic Layer
Alexei Vasiliev
Part II. From Chaos to Kinetics: Application to Hot Plasmas
3. On the Nonlinear Electron Vibrations in a Plasma

Ebenfelt, Peter - Complex Analysis, ebook

Complex Analysis

Ebenfelt, Peter


On Involutive Systems of First-order Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations
S. Berhanu
3. Gevrey Hypoellipticity for an Interesting Variant of Kohn’s Operator
Antonio Bove, Marco Mughetti, David S. Tartakoff
4. Subelliptic Estimates
David W.

Bellomo, Nicola - Complex Systems and Society, ebook

Complex Systems and Society

Bellomo, Nicola


Table of contents
1. The Role of Individual Behaviors in Socio-Economic Sciences
Giulia Ajmone Marsan, Nicola Bellomo, Andrea Tosin
2. Mathematical Tools for Modeling Social Complex Systems
Giulia Ajmone Marsan, Nicola Bellomo, Andrea Tosin
3. Modeling Cooperation and Competition in Socio-Economic Systems

Luo, Albert C. J. - Complex Systems, ebook

Complex Systems

Luo, Albert C. J.


Synchronization of Dynamical Systems in Sense of Metric Functionals of Specific Constraints
Albert C. J. Luo
6. The Complexity in Activity of Biological Neurons
Yong Xie, Jian-Xue Xu