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Sengupta, Anupam - Topological Microfluidics, ebook

Topological Microfluidics

Sengupta, Anupam


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Anupam Sengupta
2. Liquid Crystal Theory
Anupam Sengupta
3. Materials and Experimental Methods
Anupam Sengupta
4. Functionalization of Microfluidic Devices
Anupam Sengupta
5. Nematic…

Lin, Jin-Ming - Cell Analysis on Microfluidics, ebook

Cell Analysis on Microfluidics

Lin, Jin-Ming


Biomaterial-Based Microfluidics for Cell Culture and Analysis
Ruizhi Ning, Qichen Zhuang, Jin-Ming Lin
7. Droplet-Based Microfluidic Technology for Cell Analysis
Junming Wang, Jin-Ming Lin
8. Single Cell Analysis on Microfluidic
Qiushi Huang, Jin-Ming

Freyland, Werner - Coulombic Fluids, ebook

Coulombic Fluids

Freyland, Werner


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Werner Freyland
2. Liquid Metals, Molten Salts, and Ionic Liquids: Some Basic Properties
Werner Freyland
3. Bulk Peculiarities: Metal–Nonmetal Transitions
Werner Freyland
4. Interfacial Phase…

Bruus, Henrik - Theoretical Microfluidics, ebook

Theoretical Microfluidics

Bruus, Henrik


The book treats microfluidics theory and its applications to lab-on-a-chip systems. It covers fluid dynamics and how to control flows and solutions in microsystems with various external fields. Containing a broad range of exercises, the text is developed for advanced undergraduates, intending

Delale, Can F. - Bubble Dynamics and Shock Waves, ebook

Bubble Dynamics and Shock Waves

Delale, Can F.


Table of contents
1. Shock Wave Interaction with Single Bubbles and Bubble Clouds
Claus-Dieter Ohl, Siew-Wan Ohl
2. Pulsating Bubbles Near Boundaries
D. M. Leppinen, Q. X. Wang, J. R. Blake
3. Shock Wave Emission by Laser Generated…