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Weidman, John C. - Beyond the Comparative, ebook

Beyond the Comparative

Weidman, John C.


Mapping Comparative, International,and Development Education
John C. Weidman, W. James Jacob
Part I. Social Cartography in CIDE Research
2. Paulston and Paradigms
Val D. Rust, Amanda Kenderes
3. Erasing Ancestry

Alcock, Pete - The Student's Companion to Social Policy, ebook

The Student's Companion to Social Policy

Alcock, Pete


This fully updated and expanded edition of the bestselling Student’s Companion to Social Policy charts the latest developments, research, challenges, and controversies in the field in a concise, authoritative format. Provides students with the analytical

Helms, Ludger - Comparative Political Leadership, ebook

Comparative Political Leadership

Helms, Ludger


Executive Leadership in Comparative Perspective: Politicians, Bureaucrats and Public Governance
B. Guy Peters, Ludger Helms
3. Comparing Leadership Patterns and Dynamics in the Legislative Arena
Philip Norton
4. The Presidentialization of Party Leadership?

Cowen, Robert - International Handbook of Comparative Education, ebook

International Handbook of Comparative Education

Cowen, Robert


The Modernist Beginnings of Comparative Education: The Proto-Scientific and the Reformist-Meliorist Administrative Motif
Pella Kaloyannaki, Andreas M. Kazamias
4. Forgotten Men, Forgotten Themes: The Historical-Philosophical-Cultural and Liberal Humanist Motif

Borchardt, K. - Enabling Social Policy, ebook

Enabling Social Policy

Borchardt, K.


National and Supra-national Social Policy: Comparative Case Studies
5. Elements of a European Social Policy

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