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Fontana, Marco - Commutative Algebra, ebook

Commutative Algebra

Fontana, Marco


Forcing algebras, syzygy bundles, and tight closure
Holger Brenner
5. Beyond totally reflexive modules and back
Lars Winther Christensen, Hans-Bjørn Foxby, Henrik Holm
6. On v-domains: a survey
Marco Fontana, Muhammad Zafrullah
7. Tensor product

Peeva, Irena - Commutative Algebra, ebook

Commutative Algebra

Peeva, Irena


Some Applications of Commutative Algebra to String Theory
Paul S. Aspinwall
3. Measuring Singularities with Frobenius: The Basics
Angélica Benito, Eleonore Faber, Karen E. Smith
4. Three Flavors of Extremal Betti Tables
Christine Berkesch, Daniel

Salmon, P. - Categories and Commutative Algebra, ebook

Categories and Commutative Algebra

Salmon, P.


Table of contents
1. Sur Certaines SingularitéS Des VariéTéS AlgéBriques
Lucian Bădescu
2. Homological and Commutative Algebra
David Buchsbaum
3. Anelli Henseliani
S. Greco
4. Morphismes et Structures Algebriques
C. Lair
5. Introduction Category Theory and Homological Algebra
B. Mitchell

Fontana, Marco - Rings, Polynomials, and Modules, ebook

Rings, Polynomials, and Modules

Fontana, Marco


n-Absorbing Ideals of Commutative Rings and Recent Progress on Three Conjectures: A Survey
Ayman Badawi
4. Embedding Dimension and Codimension of Tensor Products of Algebras over a Field
S. Bouchiba, S. Kabbaj

Gubeladze, Joseph - Polytopes, Rings, and K-Theory, ebook

Polytopes, Rings, and K-Theory

Gubeladze, Joseph


Table of contents
2. Polytopes, cones, and complexes
Winfried Bruns, Joseph Gubeladze
3. Affine monoids and their Hilbert bases
Winfried Bruns, Joseph Gubeladze
4. Multiples of lattice polytopes
Winfried Bruns, Joseph Gubeladze