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Hovmand, Peter S. - Community Based System Dynamics, ebook

Community Based System Dynamics

Hovmand, Peter S.


Introduction to Community-Based System Dynamics
Peter S. Hovmand
2. Group Model Building and Community-Based System Dynamics Process
Peter S. Hovmand
3. Engaging Communities
Peter S. Hovmand
4. Problem Scoping

Osterkamp, Ute - Psychology from the Standpoint of the Subject, ebook

Psychology from the Standpoint of the Subject

Osterkamp, Ute


Introduction: Klaus Holzkamp and the Development of Psychology from the Standpoint of the Subject
Ute Osterkamp, Ernst Schraube
Part I. Basic Concerns and Concepts of Subject Science Psycology
2. Basic Concepts of Critical Psychology
Ernst Schraube,

Bechtel, Robert B. - Handbook of Environmental Psychology, ebook

Handbook of Environmental Psychology

Bechtel, Robert B.


An international team of leading scholars explores the latest theories, research, and applications critical to environmental psychology
Featuring the latest research and concepts in the field straight from the world's leading scholars and practitioners,

Bruhn, John G. - The Sociology of Community Connections, ebook

The Sociology of Community Connections

Bruhn, John G.


Conceptions of Community: Past and Present
John G. Bruhn
3. Common Ties: Immigrant, Refugee, and Ethnic Communities
John G. Bruhn
4. Mobile Communities: The Tentative Ties of Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers

Bloom, Martin - Social Capital and Community Well-Being, ebook

Social Capital and Community Well-Being

Bloom, Martin


Table of contents
1. The Role of Social Capital to American Democracy and the Creation of Serve Here CT
Alva G. Greenberg, Thomas P. Gullotta, Martin Bloom, Kevin Graff
2. Millennials and Social Capital: Explorations in Re-inventing the American…

Zakour, Michael J. - Community Disaster Vulnerability, ebook

Community Disaster Vulnerability

Zakour, Michael J.


Table of contents
1. Disasters and the Promise of Disaster Vulnerability Theory
Michael J. Zakour, David F. Gillespie
2. Vulnerability Theory
Michael J. Zakour, David F. Gillespie
3. The Development Perspective on Vulnerability