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Cohen, Arthur M. - The American Community College, ebook

The American Community College

Cohen, Arthur M.


For over thirty years The American Community College has provided up-to-date information and statistics about community colleges and has been widely used in graduate courses and by community college scholars, institutional

Yorke, Dr Janelle - Managing Breathlessness in the Community, ebook

Managing Breathlessness in the Community

Yorke, Dr Janelle


Written by experts in the field, Managing Breathlessness in the Community mainly focuses on four conditions (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, heart failure, interstitial lung disease and pulmonary hypertension) in which breathlessness is a key and often distressing

Mayo, Marjorie - Community Research for Community Development, ebook

Community Research for Community Development

Mayo, Marjorie


Evaluating the Role and Contributions of Community Arts, Media and Sports
8. Participatory Arts and Community Development: Taking Part
Chrissie Tiller
9. Contradiction, Collaboration and Criticality: Researching Empowerment

Morin, Peter J. - Community Ecology, ebook

Community Ecology

Morin, Peter J.


All life on earth occurs in natural assemblages called communities. Community ecology is the study of patterns and processes involving these collections of two or more species. Communities are typically studied using

Deeming, Hugh - Framing Community Disaster Resilience, ebook

Framing Community Disaster Resilience

Deeming, Hugh


An essential guide to the foundations, research and practices of community disaster resilienceĀ 
Framing Community Disaster Resilience offers a guide to the theories, research and approaches for addressing the complexity of community