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Battu, Daniel - Communication Networks Economy, ebook

Communication Networks Economy

Battu, Daniel


The rapid economic expansion of the Western countries during the XX century has favored the idea that Economy growth could be mathematically linked to the manufacturing processes and to a correct management and distribution of the common tools necessary…

Battu, Daniel - New Telecom Networks: Enterprises and Security, ebook

New Telecom Networks: Enterprises and Security

Battu, Daniel


What the Internet lacks, though, is a guiding narrative thread, which is crucial to understand the evolution from old technologies into the technologies available today, and to benefit from the commentary which could elucidate that process of evolution. In spite of

Yang, Yuhang - Green Communications and Networks, ebook

Green Communications and Networks

Yang, Yuhang


Design Signal Detection Project of MIMO Communication Systems Based on Improved Grover Algorithm
Lu Xin-Bo
3. High-Performance Speed Control of Induction Motor Using Combined LSSVM Inverse System
Yi Zhang, Guohai Liu, Haifeng Wei, Wenxiang Zhao
4. Lightweight

Tang, Huan - Device-to-Device Communications in Cellular Networks, ebook

Device-to-Device Communications in Cellular Networks

Tang, Huan


Critical Technologies for D2D Communications
Li Wang, Huan Tang
3. Proximity Discovery for Cellular D2D Underlay
Li Wang, Huan Tang
4. Mode Selection for Cellular D2D Underlay
Li Wang, Huan Tang
5. Resource Management for Cellular D2D Underlay

Ibe, Oliver C. - Fundamentals of Data Communication Networks, ebook

Fundamentals of Data Communication Networks

Ibe, Oliver C.


What every electrical engineering student and technical professional needs to know about data exchange across networks
While most electrical engineering students learn how the individual components that make up data communication technologies work, they rarely learn how the parts work