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Baker, Colin - Principles of Science for Nurses, ebook

Principles of Science for Nurses

Baker, Colin


This very basic textbook aims to provide nursing students with the essential bioscience they will need to complete their Common Foundation Programme.
The book will explore the relevant basic scientific principles, apply these principles to clinical…

Jenks, Mike - Dimensions of the Sustainable City, ebook

Dimensions of the Sustainable City

Jenks, Mike


Elements of Urban Form
Nicola Dempsey, Caroline Brown, Shibu Raman, Sergio Porta, Mike Jenks, Colin Jones, Glen Bramley
3. Travel and Mobility
Neil Ferguson, Lee Woods
4. Environment and Biodiversity
Richard A. Fuller, Jamie Tratalos, Philip H.

Burgess, Colin - Animals in Space, ebook

Animals in Space

Burgess, Colin


Table of contents
1. Taming the rockets: From wrath to research
2. Holloman and the Albert Hall of Fame
3. Pioneers of destiny: The suborbital dog flights
4. High-altitude research
5. Able and Baker lead the way
6. The most famous dog in history
7. Prelude to manned space flight
8. Pioneers in a weightless

Hay, Colin - The Coming Crisis, ebook

The Coming Crisis

Hay, Colin


Table of contents
1. Introduction: The Coming Crisis, the Gathering Storm
Colin Hay, Tom Hunt
2. We are Not in Kansas Anymore: Economic and Political Shocks
Helen Thompson
3. On ‘the Other Crisis’: Diagnosing the Socio-Ecological Crisis
Martin Craig
4. Stagflation and the Shackles of Market Discipline

Goddard, Liza - The Autobiography of Liza Goddard, ebook

The Autobiography of Liza Goddard

Goddard, Liza


Find out how Liza got together with her first husband, actor Colin Baker on the set of The Brothers, why her marriage to ‘70s rocker Alvin Stardust failed and how she eventually found true love with producer David Cobham. Liza

Canadell, Josep G. - Terrestrial Ecosystems in a Changing World, ebook

Terrestrial Ecosystems in a Changing World

Canadell, Josep G.


Baker, Stella M. Coakley, Richard Harrington, Darren J. Kriticos, Harald Scherm
18. Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Potential in Agricultural Soils
Pete Smith, Pete Falloon, Uwe Franko, Martin Körschens, Rattan Lal, Keith Paustian, David Powlson, Vladimir Romanenkov,

Riegl, Bernhard M. - Coral Reefs of the USA, ebook

Coral Reefs of the USA

Riegl, Bernhard M.


Harney, Ebitari Isoun, Colin V. Murray-Wallace, John J. Rooney, Ken H. Rubin, Clark E. Sherman, Sean Vitousek
12. Biology and Ecological Functioning of Coral Reefs in the Main Hawaiian Islands
Paul L. Jokiel
13. Geology and Geomorphology of Coral Reefs in

Kestler, Hans A. - Analysis of Large and Complex Data, ebook

Analysis of Large and Complex Data

Kestler, Hans A.


Recognition of Leitmotives in Richard Wagner’s Music: An Item Response Theory Approach
Daniel Müllensiefen, David Baker, Christophe Rhodes, Tim Crawford, Laurence Dreyfus
Part XI. Data Analysis in Interdisciplinary Domains
41. Optimization of a Simulation