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Curtiss, Susan - Linguistics: An Introduction to Linguistic Theory, ebook

Linguistics: An Introduction to Linguistic Theory

Curtiss, Susan


Linguistics: An Introduction to Linguistic Theory is a textbook, written for introductory courses in linguistic theory for undergraduate linguistics majors and first-year graduate students, by twelve major figures in the field, each bringing their expertise

Sharifian, Farzad - Advances in Cultural Linguistics, ebook

Advances in Cultural Linguistics

Sharifian, Farzad


Cultural Linguistics: The State of the Art
Farzad Sharifian
2. Cultural Conceptualisations in Humorous Discourse in English and Serbian
Diana Prodanović Stankić
3. Cultural Conceptualisations of death in Taiwanese Buddhist and Christian Eulogistic

Domaneschi, Filippo - Presuppositions and Cognitive Processes, ebook

Presuppositions and Cognitive Processes

Domaneschi, Filippo


Table of contents
1. Experimental Pragmatics
Filippo Domaneschi
2. Presuppositions
Filippo Domaneschi
3. Mental States and Presuppositions. An Experimental Approach
Filippo Domaneschi
4. Processing Presupposition Triggers
Filippo Domaneschi
5. Processing Conditional and Unconditional Presuppositions

Ancker, Jessica S. - Cognitive Informatics in Health and Biomedicine, ebook

Cognitive Informatics in Health and Biomedicine

Ancker, Jessica S.


Introduction to the Role of Cognitive Issues in Health Behaviors and the Design of Interventions
1. Cognitive Informatics and Behavior Change in the Health Care Domain
Vimla L. Patel, Jose F. Arocha, Jessica S. Ancker
2. Design and Implementation of Behavioral

Ritchie, L. David - Context and Connection in Metaphor, ebook

Context and Connection in Metaphor

Ritchie, L. David


Table of contents
1. Introduction
L. David Ritchie
2. Attributional and Relational Models of Metaphor
L. David Ritchie
3. Conceptual Metaphor Theory
L. David Ritchie
4. Conceptual Integration
L. David Ritchie
5. Context