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Altman, Barbara M. - International Measurement of Disability, ebook

International Measurement of Disability

Altman, Barbara M.


Origin of the Washington Group and Issues in Disability Data Collection
1. Background and Origin of the Washington Group: Improving the State of Disability Data
Julie D. Weeks
2. Cross-National Issues in Disability Data

Decker, Scott L. - Essentials of WJ IV Cognitive Abilities Assessment, ebook

Essentials of WJ IV Cognitive Abilities Assessment

Decker, Scott L.


The step-by-step guide to administering, scoring, and interpreting the WJ IV® Tests of Cognitive Abilities
Essentials of WJ IV® Cognitive Abilities Assessment provides expert, practical advice on how to administer, score, and interpret the WJ IV COG®. Designed to be an easy-to-use

Eilers, Miriam - The Human Enhancement Debate and Disability, ebook

The Human Enhancement Debate and Disability

Eilers, Miriam


Good Old Brains: How Concerns About an Aging Society and Ideas About Cognitive Enhancement Interact in Neuroscience
Morten H. Bülow
5. The Making and Unmaking of Deaf Children
Sigrid Bosteels, Stuart Blume
6. Token of Loss: Enthography of Cancer Rehabilitation