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Weisberg, Robert W. - Cognition: From Memory to Creativity, ebook

Cognition: From Memory to Creativity

Weisberg, Robert W.


From memory to creativity—a complete and current presentation of the field of cognition
The process of cognition allows us to function in life; it translates inputs from the world so we can recognize the sound of the alarm clock, remember the day of the week, and decide which clothes

Adams, Frederick - The Bounds of Cognition, ebook

The Bounds of Cognition

Adams, Frederick


A timely and relevant study that exposes the need to develop a more sophisticated theory of cognition, while pointing to a bold new direction in exploring the nature of cognition
Articulates and defends the “mark of the cognitive”, a common sense

Ebstein, Richard - From DNA to Social Cognition, ebook

From DNA to Social Cognition

Ebstein, Richard


From DNA to Social Cognition fills a gap in the literature that brings together the methods, perspectives, and knowledge of the geneticists, neuroscientists, economists, and psychologists that are integral to this field of research. The editors’ unique expertise

Patzelt, Holger - Entrepreneurial Cognition, ebook

Entrepreneurial Cognition

Patzelt, Holger


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Dean A. Shepherd, Holger Patzelt
2. Prior Knowledge and Entrepreneurial Cognition
Dean A. Shepherd, Holger Patzelt
3. Motivation and Entrepreneurial Cognition
Dean A. Shepherd, Holger Patzelt

Magnani, Lorenzo - Abductive Cognition, ebook

Abductive Cognition

Magnani, Lorenzo


Table of contents
1. Theoretical and Manipulative Abduction
Lorenzo Magnani
2. Non-explanatory and Instrumental Abduction
Lorenzo Magnani
3. Semiotic Brains and Artificial Minds
Lorenzo Magnani
4. Neuro-multimodal Abduction