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Drajić, Dušan - Information Theory and Coding - Solved Problems, ebook

Information Theory and Coding - Solved Problems

Drajić, Dušan


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Predrag Ivaniš, Dušan Drajić
2. Information Sources
Predrag Ivaniš, Dušan Drajić
3. Data Compression (Source Encoding)
Predrag Ivaniš, Dušan Drajić
4. Information Channels
Predrag Ivaniš, Dušan Drajić
5. Block Codes
Predrag Ivaniš, Dušan

Cheng, Samuel - Distributed Source Coding: Theory and Practice, ebook

Distributed Source Coding: Theory and Practice

Cheng, Samuel


Distributed source coding is one of the key enablers for efficient cooperative communication. The potential applications range from wireless sensor networks, ad-hoc networks, and surveillance networks, to robust low-complexity video coding, stereo/Multiview

Anderson, John B. - Bandwidth Efficient Coding, ebook

Bandwidth Efficient Coding

Anderson, John B.


This book addresses coding, a new solution to the major challenge of communicating more bits of information in the same radio spectrum. Explores concepts and new transmission methods that have arisen in the last 15 years Discusses the method of faster

Höst, Stefan - Information and Communication Theory, ebook

Information and Communication Theory

Höst, Stefan


An important text that offers an in-depth guide to how information theory sets the boundaries for data communication
In an accessible and practical style, Information and Communication Theory

Rao, K.R. - Video coding standards, ebook

Video coding standards

Rao, K.R.


Video Coding Standards and Video Formats
K. R. Rao, Do Nyeon Kim, Jae Jeong Hwang
3. AVS China
K. R. Rao, Do Nyeon Kim, Jae Jeong Hwang
4. H.264/MPEG-4 Advanced Video Coding
K. R. Rao, Do Nyeon Kim, Jae Jeong Hwang
5. High Efficiency Video Coding(HEVC)