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Backhausen, Wilhelm - Coaching, ebook


Backhausen, Wilhelm


Resümee: Die Bedeutung des Coachings für Unternehmen
Wilhelm Backhausen, Jean-Paul Thommen
Teil III. Implementierung von Coachingprogrammen in Unternehmen
8. Der Coaching-Dschungel
Wilhelm Backhausen, Jean-Paul Thommen
9. Performance Improvement

Shervington, Martin - Developmental Coaching, ebook

Developmental Coaching

Shervington, Martin


'Developmental Coaching' is a transformative programme designed to enable true shifts in consciousness in executives, professionals and coaches. It has already been delivered to hundreds of people across the globe with stunning affects. It really works to meet the

Prost, Winfried - Das Leistungsspektrum von Coaching, ebook

Das Leistungsspektrum von Coaching

Prost, Winfried


Im Coaching Menschen ganzheitlich erfassen
Winfried Prost
2. Businesscoaching Führung
Silke Rengstorf
3. Berufliche Neuorientierung
Christian Ritz
4. Coaching als Beitrag zur Unternehmensentwicklung – die positiven Auswirkungen auf Führungs-

Berninger-Schäfer, Elke - Online-Coaching, ebook


Berninger-Schäfer, Elke


Prozesssteuerung im Coaching und Online-Coaching
Elke Berninger-Schäfer
9. Kompetenzen für Online-Coaching
Elke Berninger-Schäfer
10. Coachingformate
Elke Berninger-Schäfer
11. Qualität im Online-Coaching
Elke Berninger-Schäfer

Hargrove, Robert - Masterful Coaching, ebook

Masterful Coaching

Hargrove, Robert


When the first edition of Masterful Coaching was published, it quickly became the standard resource for anyone who was a coach, considering becoming a coach, or curious about being an extraordinary coach. In this completely revised third edition of his groundbreaking book, Hargrove presents