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Hedgecock, Janice - Insurance in Clinical Trials, ebook

Insurance in Clinical Trials

Hedgecock, Janice


Organising insurance for clinical trials can be a difficult area to find information in and confidence is needed when talking about and arranging insurance. This monograph provides information on trial insurance: ethical and regulatory requirements,

Parry, Trish - Statistics in Clinical Research, ebook

Statistics in Clinical Research

Parry, Trish


Statistics has its own distinctive concepts and vocabulary and anybody who works in clinical trials will need to be familiar with these. This monograph provides a clear explanation of these and should suit all readers, even those with no specific training

Meeson, Julie - A Pocket Guide to the EU Directive, ebook

A Pocket Guide to the EU Directive

Meeson, Julie


The Clinical Trial Directive 2001/20/EC and associate guidance documents provide the most extensive changes in the European Union clinical trial legislation for many years. This book provides you with the essential knowledge of how the EU Directive