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Seyberth, Hannsjörg W. - Pediatric Clinical Pharmacology, ebook

Pediatric Clinical Pharmacology

Seyberth, Hannsjörg W.


Table of contents
1. Basics and Dynamics of Neonatal and Pediatric Pharmacology
Hannsjörg W. Seyberth, Ralph E. Kauffman
2. Developmental Pharmacokinetics
Johannes N. Anker, Matthias Schwab, Gregory L. Kearns
3. Principles of Therapeutic…

Chatu, Sukhdev - The Hands-on Guide to Clinical Pharmacology, ebook

The Hands-on Guide to Clinical Pharmacology

Chatu, Sukhdev


Are you about to sit your pharmacology exams? Do you lack confidence in prescribing? Would it help to have a quick reference, pocket-sized reassurance on common drugs and the conditions that they are used in?
The Hands-on Guide to Clinical Pharmacology

Alrifai, Ziad - Rapid Clinical Pharmacology: A Student Formulary, ebook

Rapid Clinical Pharmacology: A Student Formulary

Alrifai, Ziad


This pocket reference guide is a must for all medical students and junior doctors preparing for exams in pharmacology or needing a rapid reminder during a clinical attachment.
In light of the growing pressures on those who prescribe drugs to patients, increasing emphasis has been placed

Dasgupta, Amitava - Pharmacogenomics in Clinical Therapeutics, ebook

Pharmacogenomics in Clinical Therapeutics

Dasgupta, Amitava


Pharmacogenomics in Clinical Therapeutics provides an introduction to the principles of pharmacogenomics before addressing the pharmacogenomic aspects of key therapeutic areas such as warfarin therapy, cancer chemotherapy, therapy with immunosuppressants, antiretroviral

Johnson, Margaret - Pharmacology for Podiatrists, ebook

Pharmacology for Podiatrists

Johnson, Margaret


It is therefore now imperative that students and practitioners understand pharmacology. Not only the mechanisms of action of drugs, but also their potential side-effects and interactions with other drugs taken by the patient.
This book will cover both basic and

Neal, Michael J. - Medical Pharmacology at a Glance, ebook

Medical Pharmacology at a Glance

Neal, Michael J.


Widely recognised as the best starting point for pharmacology study, the internationally best-selling Medical Pharmacology at a Glance is an ideal companion for all students of the health sciences. 
Key principles are supported by coloured schematic

Monti, Jaime M. - Clinical Pharmacology of Sleep, ebook

Clinical Pharmacology of Sleep

Monti, Jaime M.


Table of contents
1. Primary and secondary insomnia
Kenneth L. Lichstein, Les A. Gellis, Kristin C. Stone, Sidney D. Nau
2. Primary insomnia: diagnosis and treatment
Pavlos Sakkas, Constantin R. Soldatos
3. Neuropharmacology of obstructive sleep apnea and central apnea
Peter R. Buchanan, Ronald R. Grunstein

Bentz, Bradford - Equine Pharmacology, ebook

Equine Pharmacology

Bentz, Bradford


Equine Pharmacology combines highly practical therapeutic guidance with reliable scientific background information to provide a clinically relevant resource. Taking a body systems approach to the subject, the book offers the equine clinician fast access