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Schuller, Margret - PCR for Clinical Microbiology, ebook

PCR for Clinical Microbiology

Schuller, Margret


Table of contents
1. PCR Basics
G. James
2. PCR Methodology
Ian Carter, Catriona Halliday, Theo P. Sloots, Todd M. Pryce, Ian D. Kay, Gerald B. Harnett, Glenys R. Chidlow, Philip M. Giffard
3. Laboratory Accreditation Standards

Mishra, Saroj K. - A Concise Manual of Pathogenic Microbiology, ebook

A Concise Manual of Pathogenic Microbiology

Mishra, Saroj K.


A quick, concise reference to pathogenic microorganisms and the diseases they cause, this book is divided into specific groups of pathogenic microorganisms including bacteria, protozoa, fungi, viruses, and prions. It lists important pathogenic taxa…

Sciortino, Carmen V. - Atlas of Clinically Important Fungi, ebook

Atlas of Clinically Important Fungi

Sciortino, Carmen V.


The Atlas of Clinically Important Fungi provides readers with an alphabetical list of fungi as well as listing the division of fungi by both sporulation and morphology. The characteristic traits for a particular fungus are displayed through a series of images, with

Anderson, Stephen - Integrated Medical Sciences: The Essentials, ebook

Integrated Medical Sciences: The Essentials

Anderson, Stephen


Integrated Medical Sciences: The Essentials is a concise, accessible problem-based approach to the subject using case scenarios to facilitate students taking their pre-clinical or basic sciences examinations.
Using a family of characters in

Tannock, Gerald W. - Understanding the Gut Microbiota, ebook

Understanding the Gut Microbiota

Tannock, Gerald W.


This concise scholarly treatise of the microbiota of the human bowel will be of great interest and use as a text and reference work for professionals, teachers and students across a wide range of disciplines, including the health sciences, general biology, and food

Satyanarayana, T. - Microorganisms in Environmental Management, ebook

Microorganisms in Environmental Management

Satyanarayana, T.


Insights into the Genetic Relationships Between Environmental and Clinical Strains of Yersinia enterocolitica Biovar 1A
J. S. Virdi, Pradeep Kumar, Sarita Mallik, Neeru Bhagat, Pooja Gulati
4. Role of Microorganisms in Remediation of Contaminated Soil