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Zachariadis, Theodoros - Climate Change in Cyprus, ebook

Climate Change in Cyprus

Zachariadis, Theodoros


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Theodoros Zachariadis
2. Facts and Projections on Climate Change
Theodoros Zachariadis
3. Climate Change Impacts
Theodoros Zachariadis
4. Adapting to Climate Change
Theodoros Zachariadis
5. Concluding Remarks
Theodoros Zachariadis

Malak, Dania Abdul - Adapting to Climate Change, ebook

Adapting to Climate Change

Malak, Dania Abdul


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Dania Abdul Malak, Katriona McGlade, Diana Pascual, Eduard Pla
2. The Intercontinental Biosphere Reserve of the Mediterranean
Dania Abdul Malak, Katriona McGlade, Diana Pascual, Eduard Pla
3. Impact Assessment
Dania Abdul Malak, Katriona McGlade, Diana Pascual, Eduard

Belay, Simane - Climate Change Adaptation in Africa, ebook

Climate Change Adaptation in Africa

Belay, Simane


Convenient Solution for Convenient Truth: Adoption of Soil and Water Conservation Measures for Climate Change and Variability in Kuyu District, Ethiopia
Abayineh Amare, Belay Simane
2. Between Climate

Jones, Aled - India's Climate Change Identity, ebook

India's Climate Change Identity

Jones, Aled


Table of contents
Part I. Identity and Climate Change
1. Ontology of the Self
Samir Saran, Aled Jones
2. India and Climate Change
Samir Saran, Aled Jones
Part II. Uncovering Indian Climate Identities
3. Media Coverage in India
Samir Saran, Aled Jones
4. The Personal Choices of Indian Experts

Lewis, Sophie C. - A Changing Climate for Science, ebook

A Changing Climate for Science

Lewis, Sophie C.


Table of contents
1. The Want of Any Name
Sophie C. Lewis
2. Neither Necessary Nor Sufficient
Sophie C. Lewis
3. The Pseudo in Our Science
Sophie C. Lewis
4. A Tribe of Scientists
Sophie C. Lewis
5. The Nature Peepers

Bryant, Christopher R. - Agricultural Adaptation to Climate Change, ebook

Agricultural Adaptation to Climate Change

Bryant, Christopher R.


Agricultural Adaptation to Changing Environments: Lessons Learned from Farmers in Eastern Ontario, Canada
Mike Brklacich, Maureen Woodrow
3. Analysis of Power Relations among Actors and Institutions in the Process of Agricultural Adaptation to Climate

Filho, Walter Leal - Limits to Climate Change Adaptation, ebook

Limits to Climate Change Adaptation

Filho, Walter Leal


Limits to Climate Change Adaptation in Asia
2. Strategies and Barriers to Adaptation of Hazard-Prone Rural Households in Bangladesh
G. M. Monirul Alam, Khorshed Alam, Shahbaz Mushtaq, Most Nilufa Khatun, Walter Leal Filho