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Singh, Vijay P - Climate Change Impacts, ebook

Climate Change Impacts

Singh, Vijay P


Global Climate Pattern Behind Hydrological Extremes in Central India
Kironmala Chanda, Rajib Maity
7. Changes in ENSO and IOD Effects on the Extreme Rainfall of Hyderabad City, India
V. Agilan, N. V. Umamahesh
Part II. Rainfall Analysis
8. Detecting

Zachariadis, Theodoros - Climate Change in Cyprus, ebook

Climate Change in Cyprus

Zachariadis, Theodoros


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Theodoros Zachariadis
2. Facts and Projections on Climate Change
Theodoros Zachariadis
3. Climate Change Impacts
Theodoros Zachariadis
4. Adapting to Climate Change
Theodoros Zachariadis
5. Concluding Remarks
Theodoros Zachariadis

Filho, Walter Leal - Limits to Climate Change Adaptation, ebook

Limits to Climate Change Adaptation

Filho, Walter Leal


Limits to Climate Change Adaptation in Asia
2. Strategies and Barriers to Adaptation of Hazard-Prone Rural Households in Bangladesh
G. M. Monirul Alam, Khorshed Alam, Shahbaz Mushtaq, Most Nilufa Khatun, Walter Leal Filho

Cullis, James - Climate Change and the Humanities, ebook

Climate Change and the Humanities

Cullis, James


Understanding Climate Change Historically
Richard Staley
4. The Culture of Islands and the History of Environmental Concern
Richard Grove
5. The Locality in the Anthropocene: Perspectives on the Environmental History

Arnold, Annika - Climate Change and Storytelling, ebook

Climate Change and Storytelling

Arnold, Annika


Introduction: Why Narratives Matter in Climate Change Communication
Annika Arnold
2. Climate Change Communication Studies: Inquiries into Beliefs, Information and Stories
Annika Arnold
3. How to Understand the Role