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Kallendorf, Craig W. - A Companion to the Classical Tradition, ebook

A Companion to the Classical Tradition

Kallendorf, Craig W.


A Companion to the Classical Tradition accommodates the pressing need for an up-to-date introduction and overview of the growing field of reception studies.
A comprehensive introduction and overview of the classical tradition - the interpretation

Reinhold, Meyer - Studies in Classical History and Society, ebook

Studies in Classical History and Society

Reinhold, Meyer


Professor Reinhold, a distinguished senior classicist, has produced a fascinating and accessible collection of essays devoted to the study of ancient history. Among the articles included are "The Generation Gap," a major survey exploring myths of the…

Alcock, Susan E. - Classical Archaeology, ebook

Classical Archaeology

Alcock, Susan E.


  It retains its unique, paired essay format, as well as key contributions from leading archaeologists and historians of the classical world.Second edition is updated and revised throughout, showcasing the latest research and fresh theoretical approaches in

Hagin, Boaz - Death in Classical Hollywood Cinema, ebook

Death in Classical Hollywood Cinema

Hagin, Boaz


Table of contents
1. The Meaning of Death in Classical Hollywood
Boaz Hagin
2. Two Platos: Death, Truth, and Knowledge
Boaz Hagin
3. Embodying the Past
Boaz Hagin
4. Melodrama and the Shaping of Desires to Come
Boaz Hagin
5. Cults of the Dead and Powers of the False
Boaz Hagin
6. A

Cyrino, Monica S. - Classical Myth on Screen, ebook

Classical Myth on Screen

Cyrino, Monica S.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Meredith E. Safran, Monica S. Cyrino
Part I. The Hero’s Struggle
2. “Italian Stallion” Meets “Breaker of Horses”: Achilles and Hector in Rocky IV (1985)
Lisl Walsh
3. The Isolated Hero:…

Shen, Vincent - Dao Companion to Classical Confucian Philosophy, ebook

Dao Companion to Classical Confucian Philosophy

Shen, Vincent


Introduction: Classical Confucianism in Historical and Comparative Context
Vincent Shen
Part I. Historical Development
2. The Fading of Political Theology and the Rise of Creative Humanism
Vincent Shen
3. The Philosophy of Confucius
Peimin Ni