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Strauch, Dieter - Classical Mechanics, ebook

Classical Mechanics

Strauch, Dieter


The Newtonian Mechanics of Point-Mass Systems: General Properties
Dieter Strauch
3. Newtonian Mechanics: First Applications
Dieter Strauch
4. Lagrangian Mechanics
Dieter Strauch
5. Harmonic Vibrations

Deriglazov, Alexei - Classical Mechanics, ebook

Classical Mechanics

Deriglazov, Alexei


Table of contents
1. Sketch of Lagrangian Formalism
Alexei Deriglazov
2. Hamiltonian Formalism
Alexei Deriglazov
3. Canonical Transformations of Two-Dimensional Phase Space
Alexei Deriglazov
4. Properties of Canonical Transformations

Denier, James P. - Mechanics Down Under, ebook

Mechanics Down Under

Denier, James P.


Plasto-Mechanics of Large Deformation under Impact Loading
N. K. Gupta
6. Onset of Oscillatory Thermocapillary Convection
W. R. Hu, Z. M. Tang
7. Instabilities of Flows through Deformable Tubes and Channels
O. E. Jensen
8. Surface Bubbles in

Puebe, Jean-Laurent - Fluid Mechanics, ebook

Fluid Mechanics

Puebe, Jean-Laurent

From 298,10€

This book examines the phenomena of fluid flow and transfer as governed by mechanics and thermodynamics. Part 1 concentrates on equations coming from balance laws and also discusses transportation phenomena and propagation of shock waves. Part 2 explains the basic methods of metrology, signal