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Rhee, C.H. (Remco) van - Civil Litigation in China and Europe, ebook

Civil Litigation in China and Europe

Rhee, C.H. (Remco) van


The Role of the Judge and the Parties in Civil Litigation in China and Europe: An Introduction
C. H. (Remco) Rhee, Fu Yulin
Part I. China: Mainland
2. China: Mainland. Efficiency at the Expense of Quality?
Wang Yaxin, Fu Yulin
3. Case Management

Allen, Michael - Civil Disobedience in Global Perspective, ebook

Civil Disobedience in Global Perspective

Allen, Michael


Table of contents
1. Introduction: A Global Practice of Civil Disobedience
Michael Allen
2. Decency, the Right to Disobey, and Non-domination
Michael Allen
3. Undocumented Disobedients as a Special Class of Civil Disobedients
Michael Allen
4. Institutionalizing the Human Right of the Undocumented to

Reimann, Mathias - Cost and Fee Allocation in Civil Procedure, ebook

Cost and Fee Allocation in Civil Procedure

Reimann, Mathias


Cost and Fee Allocation in Civil Procedure: A Synthesis
Mathias Reimann
2. The Price of Access to the Civil Courts in Australia – Old Problems, New Solutions: A Commercial Litigation Funding Case Study
Camille Cameron

Menyhárd, Attila - New Civil Codes in Hungary and Romania, ebook

New Civil Codes in Hungary and Romania

Menyhárd, Attila


The New Romanian Civil Code—Difficulties in the Transition Towards a Monist Private Law
Emőd Veress
4. The Persistence of Some Characteristics of Commercial Law in the Monist Romanian Civil Law
Zsolt Fegyveresi

Andrews, Neil - Arbitration and Contract Law, ebook

Arbitration and Contract Law

Andrews, Neil


‘The Seat’ and the Laws Affecting the Arbitration
Neil Andrews
4. Upholding the Agreement to Arbitrate
Neil Andrews
5. Appointing the Tribunal
Neil Andrews
6. The Tribunal’s Integrity: Impartiality and Procedural Responsibilities